Noor's Place (since 2012) is the place for young writers/readers to get a creative outlook on life from the views and works of a hustling teenager (dassss me!!! *waves*)

Are you an avid reader who thinks that books need to be discussed as much as the latest Kardashian trends?

Do you think art can lessen your stress level and brighten up your day, no matter if it's a stick cartoon or a simple watercolor painting?

Do you think Instagram is the best social platform ever? (well, it surely is!)

Then, you are at the right place. I want to make sure Noor's Place blog offers the creative content to the other creative souls out there who are not afraid to speak their mind and follow the path less followed. Wink.

I'm Noor Unnahar - pronounced as (Nu-or On-naa-haar)

I'm a 19 years old business student from Karachi who loves to write and spend her time doing creative work and when necessary, study. I have been running this blog since 2012. When I am not blogging, I am designing blogs for the other creative bloggers out there. 
// I love traveling. From small road trips to cross country ventures, I would never say no.

// Writing and photography have been my passion for as long as I can remember.

// I love quoting from my favorite books and movies. And most often, Blair Waldorf.

// I adore crazy hair colors. I have had dip dyes for two years now (they're currently turquoise - inspired by Kylie Jenner circa 2014) and I don't see myself coming back to the normal hair shades anytime soon.

// If emoji language were an actual language, I would be fluent in it. I even posted about the emojis that describe me well.

// I have a twin sister - Areeba. She is an amazing blogger and an inspiring artist. You can read her blog at "Not Your Type blog"


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