Kawaii Box: review + giveaway

I was introduced to the term "kawaii" from a friend who came from the Philippines. Growing up, we were too invested in this term that it affected our lifestyles to an extent where half of the things in our lives reflected it vividly. From wardrobe to stationery, something had to be kawaii.
According to Wikipedia, Kawaii is the culture of cuteness in Japan. It can refer to items, humans, and nonhumans that are charming, vulnerable, shy and childlike. This term, however, has gone way past this sole definition and now stands with a solid identity of an industry.
I stepped out of my kawaii phase by the end of 8th grade, but the habit of acquiring kawaii products never did.

Kawaii Box sent me one of their fantastic boxes last month that I couldn't unbox, given it was the wedding season here in Pakistan and for one, I had to go to Islamabad. But here we are, let's unbox one of the kawaii-est subscription boxes I have ever known.
My box included 8 archetypal kawaii items—mostly stationary. I have had one box before and so did some of my friends. We had to agree that this box included more practical items than previous boxes, products we could use on a daily basis.

I gave away this adorable white plush to my little cousin, who had been eyeing it ever since we opened the box. While the duo of pen and pocket-sized notebook remained as my top favorite products.
The pack of snacks that came with the box didn't have a Halal tag on it. The representatives from KB have previously acknowledged that they are not sure if the snacks are halal or not. I didn't eat the candies that were in the box.
What I love the most about Kawaii Box is the quality of their products at a very reasonable price. The feeling of getting the most out of your money, that too wrapped in the mystery that a subscription box holds, is absolutely wonderful.
Check out their website for more info on ordering or sending as a gift. It costs about $20 per month. But if you are subscribed to a 6 or 12 months plan, it would cost $18/month.

For one lucky reader, Kawaii Box team & I have teamed up to bring a giveaway. You can win a box, just enter via the widget below.

Noor's Place Kawaii Box Giveaway
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