yesterday i was the moon (the story so far)

i wrote a book. it is called {yesterday i was the moon} 
it had been in the making for a while. labeled as the most important project in the inventory of my mind, it was a beautiful and terrifying thing. from selecting poetry pieces to writing new ones that would only appear in the book to taking photographs, it has been an experience i cannot put into words.
for days, it was nothing but a pile of papers, a wide ocean of doubts and all of my fears mingling together, joyously. then there were technical sides of publishing where margins on a pdf were more important than anything else in the world and that led me remodeling my manuscript 6 times all over again before it would be accepted. it was difficult, very very difficult.

but as everything started coming together — the proofreading, the index, pages decorated with photographs; all the woes of the process started fading away. a dream was becoming the part of my reality. the poetry was becoming tangible.
i approved it for publishing on 16 july '17 and launched it on 29 july '17. within a few hours of its release, it was already in amazon's  top 50 poetry books by women authors. it also secured 3rd position in amazon's hot releases (poetry). yesterday i was the moon is still in those lists. after a week, it has sold more than 150 copies and it's still going on. i couldn't be more grateful.

i do not have a publisher. nor any team promoting my book for the world to see. it's just me, the screen of my gadgets and you. every day, my belief in kindness and support of the community is growing. sitting in a remote area of thatta, away from the hometown of karachi, i couldn't have thought it would be possible to write a book, have it published and then see it going to the parts of the world i haven't set my foot in.
thank you so much for reading my poetry and giving yesterday i was the moon a home to reside in.

it is available on amazon (prime as well) / book depository / barnes & noble. you can also request it at your local bookstores and they would get it for you (for pakistani readers, you can request it at readings bookstore in lahore and at any liberty bookstore outlet)

if you have purchased it already, please consider leaving a review + rating on goodreads and amazon. if you want to purchase it soon, you can add it in your wishlist (amazon) and to-read list (goodreads), it will help us with ratings. 
in my 19 years old life so far, yesterday i was the moon is a magnificent milestone. there is a long way to go for me as a writer, as a person, as an artist. but the start would always be this pale pink book. always.

watch the trailer of yesterday i was the moon on my youtube channel

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