Poetry: Trash Kid's Song To A City With A Conceited Summer

[Trash Kid's Song To A City With A Conceited Summer]

I stepped out of 1997 to a summer twice my age / Together we have floated over 
a city never kind enough / I left with a bag packed with three poems and a name

There / Our voices will always be an urban trauma / Your love will always be a 
season gone wrong / Always — not a word but a sword / That wouldn't ever see blood 

My apologies! / Your ache cannot be of gold there / Forever an uninvited 
guest / This city doesn't carry hand-me-down devastation / Unlike you / Unlike us

Remind me of this city / Of its violent kind of kindness / When the rest 
of us are stepping out of summer / To a season thrice my age 
This poem was produced on a quiet summer evening. I loaded some of Matty Healy's favorite words, a Lady Gaga song and Peter Paul Ruben's masterpiece Massacre of the Innocents on my thinking-mechanism to start working on it. It wasn't rooted with the happiest of material and that is what it reflects. The ache of leaving a city and knowing that city never loved you anyway; it's a tale of coming home and realizing there was never any.
On 16th August 2017, I turned 20. For {yesterday i was the moon}, I had compiled my teenage years' poetry and published it as a collection. Now, a - teen no longer supporting my age, there are many amendments I have to make to grow as a writer, as a youtuber, as a nice human being; I am trying. Poetry is half of me. Half of what I do, what I am, what I have become. I am ready to experiment more with stories, stanza styles, musicality of each piece I write. 

I got this beautiful, hand-crafted journal from sagemarktext (an ETSY store), all the way from Utah. It's my new start. I know every page was sewn with hand, carefully put together. This is what words, too, require. One wrong stitch and everything loses its meaning. But here we are! And there's a long way to go. 
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