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from the start of 2017 till this date, everything has been happening way too fast. I couldn't complain, though. 2016 was full of challenges that helped me understand things happening this year. A lot of great things are yet to come. The most important project of my life so far is about to be released. I cannot wait to show you guys what it is.
I have been focusing on a skincare routine. Not following a fancy regime at the moment but what I have been doing is to use products that would help my skin breathe with freedom and leave my skin glowing. In past few months, I had been going crazy with deadlines and finishing up a lot of things. Now that I am putting my life together, self-care has been my priority. It made me realize how important it is to take some time out and sort things for my self too.
This journal entry has been my favorite for this month. I got a lot of fancy magazines (errr vogues) and BAM! their layouts were so fun to make journals with. This particular one went with something I wrote for difficult days and they just fit together - perfectly.

to life — my revenge is that 
i will live
 and live fearlessly

it's been raining on and off these days, which is an unusual and heavy amount of rain for our part of the world. I took this photo on the way to my twin sister's art show when we got stuck in a traffic jam (I was already late for the show and the rain sort of help in making me wayyyy too late with a phone containing 245672 missed calls from an angry twin)
please do not be annoyed if you have seen this news alllll over my social media already but I am just too happy about it. When I first started blogging, this magazine was one of my favorite things in this world of blogs. Now years later, I have my face/work/words in it. OH MY GOD
if you have a copy of their 13th Issue (with Louise Pentland on the cover yass) you can find on page # 114
I receive a lot of fan art, recreations of my work and many other artists' entries who use my poetry in their pieces. Some of them are just so beautiful. I have shared some before and wanted to share some again. This one is from @vanna.smiles.2 <3 I loved the beautiful strokes and how this whole piece went well with this poetry.
harry styles' new song sign of the times is so perfect. I have had it on repeat for days. It has some hauntingly catchy tunes. But guys the chorus is the real deal here.

it's almost 4 am as i finish this post. i haven't written a blog post like this in ages when it's just me and this white screen talking and giggling with each other. i have missed blogging. this is exactly why am going to do more of it in the most casual way possible. thank you for sticking around.
ps: have you watched the latest tutorial on my youtube channel? it's a scrapbooking + poetry entry.

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