the story of poetry at unexpected places ft. fan art

my (supposed) composition:
70% water
28% other scientific elements
2% poetry

poetry is no longer just an arrangement of words; it now resides in me, reflects in everything I do, it's a part that completes me.

I started sharing my poetry in art journals. They were the reason I couldn't stop writing. But even before writing journals, I was obsessed with the words scrawled on the walls in the name of urban poetry, strangers leaving random notes in libraries for others to read, people taking their favorite books to the top of mountains or skyscrapers and sharing their favorite words in the stunning photos taken at the top of the world. This distribution of words under one messy unsystematic manner was beautiful.

After writing poetry in journals for so long, I wanted to do something more. Something that would spread the poetic words around or at least let them breathe somewhere that wasn't a book. In this dilemma, my poetry at unexpected places series came into existence. It all started with me scribbling a poetry piece on my bathroom's tiled wall with a non-permanent marker and sticking a torn page of an old book and a stick of dried flowers. You can see that piece here.

That was a start of something entirely new for me. I started writing on walls, on torn old pages and sometimes sticking them on the walls of abandoned buildings. I had to clean those words up, take those pages off the wall, afterward. But at least the words pouring out of my pen were breathing for a while, they weren't stuck in the bounded paper anymore. Poetry was going to all the places it wouldn't normally be found at; poetry at unexpected places.

here are my top favorites from this series:
it's okay 
if you're burning 
with anger 
or sadness 
or both 
it is necessary 
for you to collapse
so you can learn
how phoenixes are
when they burn 
and rise again
from the ashes of
their existence' — burn and rise // poetry at unexpected places pt. 28 

i am building 
a house

where the floor is 
made up of strength 
where the walls are
crafted of ambition 
where the roof is
a masterpiece of forgiveness 
i am building 
myself' — i am building // poetry at unexpected places pt. 23

will go
terribly, utterly, horribly 
one day
will be fine

our lives
swing between 
that one day
and someday

so why do you worry
about it
everyday // poetry at unexpected places pt. 25 
isn't it
breathtakingly beautiful 
how you've learned 
to grow flowers
from the memories 
that died 
a long time ago — to a work-in-progress self // poetry at unexpected places pt. 34 
i am learning 
how to say strong 
in different languages 
for if i ever forget
the sound of this word
in my own language 
those words
could remind me
there are more 
where mine
ends — learning to say strong (guys let me know how to say 'strong' in your language) // poetry at unexpected places pt. 32 
self discovery isn't always 
about the most convenient ways
you'll have to burn, learn and yearn
the unexpected, the unusual and the unknown // poetry at unexpected places pt. 20

you're not only a 'she' 
or a 'her'
make your name sound 
like something 
completely, terrifyingly, beautifully 
out of this world — azeez aurton (dear women) for #WomenHistoryMonth // poetry at unexpected places pt. 22

when everything comes crashing down
i hope you're wearing 
that faint little smile 
for an end is near
and a start is nearer // poetry at unexpected places pt. 18

you had a face
that looked like serenity 
and words
that did not smell
of contempt 
and your existence 
reminded me
of sunsets and ocean waves
you still wonder
what it took
for me to fall
for someone like
you — a poem about you // poetry at unexpected places pt. 29 

you are
the peace after wars
the calm after storms 
and everything 
insanely beautiful 
that shapes after
a tragedy // poetry at unexpected places pt. 37

I started receiving hundreds of entries (fan art, art recreations, my poetry in other people's journals) on instagram and I upload them on my insta-stories. It always isn't possible to catch up ith all of them but I try the hardest. I am sharing some entries that scream the concept of poetry at unexpected places for me. I am so grateful to everyone who made my words come alive and let them breathe in the cities and countries I have never been to yet my words have become a part of their air.
Natalie wrote my poetry on her shirt (somewhere in Florida)

Prakriti took this breathtakingly beautiful shot with my poetry piece at the mountains (Kuari Pass, India)

Hilal also took poetry at unexpected places 

Summer made this lovely journal entry with my poetry whilst sitting at Espresso Lab (Malaysia)

Laura hung my words in a GORGEOUS frame (Coimbra, Portugal)

@drawing_jazzyeebo did this lettering with my poetry (Hong Kong)

Megha took this shot somewhere in the air and paired it with my poetry

Anna did this piece on a typewriter (Georgia) 

Sadina also took poetry at unexpected places (Bangladesh)

if you too have made something with my poetry, make sure to send it to me (either via email, instagram or in the mail).

poetry doesn't have to be exactly as how we have always seen it. read abd write and take it everywhere with you; the words don't belong to a single person, they are universe's masterpiece and we gotta make the most out of them.
till next time
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