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it has been a while since I last posted about my design work here on the blog. from the very start of 2017, I have shifted my focus to a new kind of design and that is digital art. I also launched greetings cards that were sold on Instagram - giving me hope about the future of my design work. But blog designing was and will always be a part of me; something that I just can't stop doing.
so today, let me show you some of the digital design work I have worked on so far:
it's a custom blog design I did for Lydia from My Simple Little Life blog. working on custom designs always feels so so personal since this whole process is like giving shape and life and breathes to a vision that resided in someone else's mind. This blog design project was exactly the same. If you want me to design your blog as well, you can check out my portfolio and service.

the idea of digital art is too comforting for me. There are absolutely no restrictions. You can pick any photo, no matter if it's the skyline of your favorite city or the face of your celebrity crush, everything is possible. With this freedom attached to digital art, I started making digital collages. Currently, my work revolves around mixing Pakistani & South Asian famous phrases/proverbs with modern and contemporary techniques. I do plan to make other kinds of collages too, but for now, I have got these to show you.
خیالی پلاوُ پکانا (khayali pulao pakana) | to build castles in the air // collage art of my favorite Urdu proverb (meaning: to daydream; to make plans that can never come true)

this Urdu proverb has been a part of my life for as long as I can. The elders of my family used to use it for the young daydreams and when I grew up, I had to hear it for my own self as well. It's a sarcastic phrase but when you look closely, the meaning of this proverb is more inclined towards not losing your mind in daydreaming. Dream as high as you want but don't let it all hurt your present.

I changed this lyric from Justin Bieber's song Sorry that says 'is it too late now to say sorry, 'cause I am missing more than just your body ~to~ 'is it too late now to say sorry, 'cause I am missing your haath ki biryani' (which means someone's hand-cooked biryani, which is a very popular south asian dish). Since I LOVE biryani, this twist in Biebz song was actually very very accurate.
(if you ever come across it Bieber, please don't mind. I love the original one even more but food comes first).

next collage is about the classical Pakistani problem and that is 'log kya kahen gai?' (what would people say?)
I have seen people ditching their dreams, plans, even careers because they're too afraid of what the society is going to think if it's not something others wholeheartedly approve of. Log Kya Kahen Gai is a reference to society's judgmental opinion (which is usually kind of biased). I really respect my cultural terms and traditions,  but I cannot stand where they are absolutely wrong. This collage came into existence as a protest against this disastrous phrase.

then here are the motivational greeting cards I designed in this very style and sold them on Instagram. They're called 'If Nike Was Desi' (desi is a term for the typical South Asians)
since Nike's logo says 'just do it' and it is considered a motivational phrase. But when I had to desi-fy it, the motivational level had to at par with my wonderful people as well. So I added khuda ka wasta (which means for god's sake) with just do it. And my friend, it worked well.

annd I also designed a ~chic~ media kit for Caitlin from Cait's Cozy Corner (I also designed her blog). You can check it out here.

so this is a little summary of what I have been doing so far. There are more art collage pieces on my Instagram and much more is yet to come. It had been a while since I last posted on my blog and asI type this post, I wanna buy my blog chocolates and write handwritten apology for being this bad owner *sighs* I am going to try my best to change this sad troubled fact yasss

PS: i just got a profile at Famous Birthdays. Their team surprised me on a fine morning with a fabulous profile and lots of love, it feels unreal to have it TBH bUT I AM SO SO HAPPY

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