photo diary: metanoia

Metanoia - the journey of changing one's mind, heart, self or way of life.

today's photo diary is based on this word that effortlessly stole my heart - metanoia

when I googled it, it appeared to mean more like a transformative term; a change of heart, a psychological transformation, a spiritual conversion.

my journey of change has been a bumpy ride. It's not easy to embrace it. It arrives like a noisy kid who wants every beautiful thing you have and snatch it ungratefully, usually throwing it down with a thud so loud, it hurts your ear. And destroy whatever it threw; totally, completely, absolutely. 

What I have learned so far is that nobody remembers your journey of transformation, but they can hardly forget what you become after that. 

in past few years, my idea of change has taken a lot of shifts. Now it doesn't only mean replacing something, it also means adding elements to an existing body and make it something new. The idea of the replacement is fading away for me. I'm learning to change things in a different manner.

in this photo set, i'm exploring the idea of metanoia. the elements of the photos are contradictory and depict the change only a supreme transformation could bring.

no matter where you are or who you choose to become, I hope you allow change to visit you after every once in a while and let it transform you, let it make you think and then leave you as a person who's not entirely changed but only better than before.

what is your current favorite word & why?

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