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when I was a kid, my interest in politics was unbelievably great; almost passionate. things didn't work out, though. I ended up becoming a political atheist. I still am. but there are a few things I just cannot stop ~loving~ about politics and those who handle politicians. One of them is the creativity behind slogans/signs/etc etc etc etc.
whenever we'd have a new political person elected for a seat, in my country, the rivals would start making weird insults about them. half of them would be funny and some of them would be absolutely plain. Like, srsly plain, no fun at all.
The very very basic one is: GO *insert politician's name here* GO

currently, this one is going strong for our prime minister. But like everyone, it indeed is unlikely to be ever ~rlly~ noticed seriously from his side. So we're all out of harm's way here.

But there comes another currently. This slogan was used FOR a service I love the most. And half of the nation joined it, in a very very good way.
Maybe I have said it before yet I will say that again. Policy makers are probably guided by the sound of gold coins rather than the screaming pleas of the people of their nation. A few weeks ago, a cab service called careem was banned because the cute policy makers thought so. AND WE LOST OUR SHIZ. and by we, I definitely mean a lot of people who couldn't just stop using careem just because the government thought so. There were some issues, like boring adults' even boring tax talks or something, but it appeared as if they were taking something away from us. OH NO.
Well, not only we (the keyboard warriors) started tweet wars basically to ourselves and to those who did that, even careem service based their campaign on this heated situation.

They designed GO CAREEM GO advertisements in different Pakistani cities., which was a sarcastic response to the political system PLUS it was dual dimensional. At first hand, they were mocking like we mock politicians *GO XYZ GO* and then, it was also all inspirational and encouraging like when you want someone to go on, you'd say *GO XYZ GO* (totally not in biased hateful political manner).
There are very few advertisements that catch public attention (I'm the public) and this one totes stole the show. I made an unsent text version JUST for this situation *muhahaha*
But on a rather serious note, I was out on the streets of Karachi, sitting in my careem cab and wondering why did the cute policy makers had to pick something that helps thousands of people each day? Things that belong to offices and officials shouldn't come out of their fancy little cozy-dim-lit rooms to poke in the eye of the public. Nopez.

When the ban talk was happening, I wasn't in town. And when I returned, everything was sorted. So can you guess what I did next? BOOKED US A CAB AND LEFT FOR THE DOWNTOWN FOR CAFE HOPPING; in a city that shines bright with nostalgia and where all of the long-forgotten faces of my memory come alive.
Cheers to all the services that make life a tad easier than they are, people who do the same, and cities that feel like home. They do matter.
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