the start of an end - December

Sia's Cheap Thrills is on repeat and I am thinking about a number of things. One of them is the definitely December.
If there's a month I like after my birthday month (that's August btw), it's December. I remember loving Taylor Swift's Back To December and Miley Cyrus' Permanent December only because they had this month's name incorporated in them. Umm, well it almost was the reason, the songs were really cool too. There was this Demi Lovato song with December in it as well, but it was way too noisy to secure a spot in my playlist.

It feels like a month of ends and upcoming starts. 2016 was particularly a very strange year but in a very good way. I still cannot wrap my head around some of the major events of this year. Now that the end of this very strange year has arrived at a relatively strange speed, it's even more hard to believe that everything happened and a lot is yet to happen. This post is not a farewell letter to 2016, I still have so many days to prepare a draft for it (that, of course, I will write a night before publishing it so let's just say these days are for thinking about it).

I love the idea of welcoming December. It brings the cold winds from other parts of the country, end of a long long year, songs from the past and a ton of nostalgia. I probably would never be able to get rid of all the emotions this month provokes yet still, it doesn't feel heavy or melancholic at all.
There was a short piece of Urdu poetry at the end of my favorite novel. It was about December. I still have it written somewhere. I never got around remembering the lines but it went on like someone asking December to bring back all the people they lost during the year. I didn't think what it could mean back then, but now it seems like that writer was asking for all the memories from December; a month that keeps the record of every start to bring at the end.
The first day of December would already be finished when I type and publish this post. But here's to the start of an end; an end of the year that only gave and gave generously. But when it took, it also took without caring too much. Here's to December; a month I would always wait for. Each year, each time.
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