best of art journal: november's freedom

November was an art-friendly month. Like, really.
Now that November has ended already and we're like 6 days?!?!? in December and I am late to post November's best art journal entries as usual so it's safe to say that time is still going faster than I am. 2017 is so near that it almost terrifies me but also I couldn't be gladder that December is here. Yes, a month of the start of all ends is my favorite without a doubt.

I felt free in the month that has just gone (okay maybe it has BEEN gone for 6 days). But there was a lot of freedom in those 30 days. Freedom with a capital F; a greater freedom. I went to Lahore, held another art meet up and this time we were 10 people in this one and I explored more of Karachi, even saw the places that are not as loved as they should be; yaassss, the old part of the city where the reality of Karachi's culture breathes but it has been suffocating for quite a while now.
Moving on to the best art journal entries from this month of Freedom with a capital F, here we go:

sewing wings
'the idea of 'CAN'Ts' is absurd,
there always is a chance to try,
us humans might not be born with wings,
but we could always sew some when we would want to fly' 

Out of many things I appreciate in being a human is the abundance of willpower. No matter how wrong things go or how shattered one could be, we (the human force) always find a way to get things done. Even if it means doing the most unusual and apparently impossible shit. 

artists meetup in Karachi
Remember the last artsy collab I did with my friends?!? We took it further and invited more female artists for a meet up in our safe heaven called Dunkin Donuts. We were 10 people, totally immature yet the only thing we had like a pro was the love for art. And it was pretty sufficient to run the show.
the theme for this meet was 'inner creature' // the only rule of this meet up was NO RULE!!!!!!!!!! I made an art journal entry that of course, included a lot of Matty Healy because he and his music are some of the most important topics in my head these days. Others did a lot of other cool things like sketching and painting and lettering and journaling. That view was everything. So many artsy people on the cold floor of Dunkin with art supplies scattered all over the place; heavenly.
'my alter ego has hair of Matty Healy, a vintage car no one remembers the model number of, and a house that's built of red bricks. i am happy there, and i am happy, even here' //

'I   heard, 
After a dream dies
Or a heart breaks,
There's only silence.

What wasn't true about this
there's everything but silence 
when a dream dies
or a heart breaks'

pain makes words disappear. I have seen people gone from pouring noisy words to deathly silence because that's the way pain works. But this isn't what it actually feels like to those who are actually going through it. They have everything but silence in their heads. I can tell you that.

'losing it all,
wasn't losing at all,
each loss brought an unseen victory,
that made everything worth the fall'

I once thought some on were irreplaceable. LIKE TOTALLY. But after all this time, it's pretty safe to say that life is capable of taking you out of any any anyyyyy loss. There's absolutely nothing that time cannot heal. It can't be cured, the scars and pain remain but it fades away and it does fade away slowly and beautifully.

November left and also left some of its pieces in my journal. There are so many things that 2016 has taught and taught like a strict teacher and one of them was definitely the appreciation of time; this month just made it obvious that time could really make or break. Thx November u cool lad

OH AND I DID AN ART JOURNAL FLIP THROUGH ON MY CHANNEL soo if you'd like to see all the entries in a moving screen with some music and my live jokes then go watch it (and also subscribe okieee)

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soo how was your November? Did you make any cool stuff or went to a new place?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!
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