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as i sat down and tried collecting words for this post in my head, it amazes me how another year has ended. It hasn't been easy for any of us, for this world, for so many reasons. But years, I suppose, are as helpless are we are. They cannot change what is going to happen and when; their tears dry on the pages of withering calenders. I, despite everything, couldn't blame 2016. This year might have taken some things but in return, it gave back in the most unexpected ways, too.
30 December and here i have everything set to do a best of December art journal entries post. I wonder how come nothing is stopping me, not yet, from doing something on time. I probably blame time for concealing my own mistakes. It must hate me for that.

the journal i had been using ended a few days ago and i started journaling in another one (it's a binder with like 284635 pages i keep attaching and unattaching) until the ones i have ordered arrive. I went to buy a journal off ebay and ended up buying 3. Hashtag no regratzzzzz

I have also started a poetry notebook that's something like a total motivation game changer because it makes me wanna write write write (and you guys i am working on something REAL EXCITING for my poetry and totes gonna reveal it in the big bad 2017 *winks*)
so without any further ado and my intentional typos, here are the best of art journal entries from December
if ends had a color,
it would look like blue,
for it reminds me of bright skies,
that leave with a promise; of returning again with a day so new

Sky is my favorite metaphor. Its infinity reminds me how big this universe is and no matter whatever problem has come up, it's still so small in front of what universe has to offer.

my lungs were pumping stale air
the one that smelled like smoke
i am exhaling it out now
for the ones who left me broke

I just needed an excuse to add Matty Healy's photo in this journal entry plus this poem sounds so badass so matty + this poem = best combo xoxo

i thought you were the sun
and i would lose the light if you didn't stay
perhaps i had forgotten the fact of the nature
that after a day is finished, a new sun will be on its way

people come and they go. Like an inevitable way of nature, it happens and cannot be avoided. And I no longer blame anyone if they are not around. Perhaps this is how life gives all of us room to fill that gap, left by a person, with something else; something that could help you more than they ever did. It doesn't feel personal anymore and I couldn't be happier about it.

my dreams were my choices,
your hopelessness was your own,
don't blame me for going too far with them,
they were the winds that led me to my throne

this poem is pretty much my answer to everyone who only has dagger-sharp words for people who struggling; to be something, someone, or somewhere where they feel at home. 

like the sad summer skies
some faces glow with a sorrowful shade
behind them rest beautiful souls
that, under all this pain, refuse to fade

i really admire people who, in spite of everything, do not forget where they are supposed to go. Those with fire in their spirit yet softness of flowers on their faces are the kind of people even life and time together cannot break. 

and the rest of these entries are from my lil cutie poetry notebook.
every time you broke a promise
trust me my heart learned
how not to break a promise
how not to break a heart

how easy it is
for you to talk about destroying 
buildings, plants, people.

but i hope you remember 
all of them
can be rebuilt from the
tiniest pieces of their remains

i am growing flowers,
in the darkest part of my heart,
for if light ever enters,
it would know where to start

some people remind me of stars,
that are in galaxies far away in space,
their words tell stories of other worlds,
and carry their broken pieces with grace

i hit 10k on instagram that basically is one of my highlights for this year 'cause never in my wildest dreams it was a possibility for this year. But it happened and I am eternally grateful to everyone who made it happen.

here's to this year that's ending and to the new start named 2017 - the year I haven't given a word yet. Though I am certain that it's gonna be so so so much better and hopefully, a progressive one with even more poetry and art and travel and bliss in it, Hope you all had a great holiday time. XOXO not gossip girl

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