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can you believe we're 4 days away from new year?!?!? 'cause i am having a hard time understanding this fact which is both a good thing and absolutely not a good thing I JUST CAN'T DECIDE.

out of all the changes 2016 brought, my personal favorite was the part where human interaction in my life became more and more meaningful. I did many collaborations, meetings and attended events that left far more influencing impact than anything else ever did. I owe this feeling to this year; a year that helped me become more human (than I usually am)

i HAVE to talk about the last collaboration that happened approx. two weeks ago. My twinnie Areeba and I collaborated with two sisters Amna & Atiya from The Good Life blog AND IT WAS GREAT.

main theme: each of us designed an outfit mood board for the other person and then had to dress up accordingly as the mood board given to you 

All of us, rooting from the same city and coming from an almost similar background in interests, decided to meet at a point where the magic of our city lied; beach of Karachi. The plan didn't include sea but just being near to it, seeing it, filled my heart with the contentedness of belonging that yes, i was home and this day was only going to get better.
me - mood board by Atiya // floral-pattern obsessed desi wordsmith in love with Kylie Jenner's style
Areeba - mood board by Amna // basic mipster with artsy gothic abilities
Amna- mood board by me // cool chic with the coolest aesthetics 
Atiya - mood board by Areeba // happy tones and classy vibes mainly inspired by museums

first off, everyone had SMASHED their outfit aesthetics. It seemed like a difficult task to dress accordingly a mood board, that was made up of random graphics one didn't even know where they were originated from, but turned out it was nothing but a very creative process that ended up giving me hope about putting together more abstract outfits in future.

We started taking photos with the murals on the walls of small abandoned rooms that are built right in front of the sea. Each of those murals is inspired by traditional Pakistani truck art style that is like one of the most ~artsy~ things to ever come out of this country and I am, undoubtedly, in love with them.
Then we roamed around the busy city. Just walking, 4 of us, and the hustle of city following us like a 5th friend we didn't ask for. But to be honest, residents of Karachi would never be able to get rid of this city sound that doesn't stop and all of us have come to embrace it the same way a weary traveler accepts his long journey and its troubles; willingly. On one side of us, there ran the road with speedy vehicles running by and on the other, a park that should have been open given it was a sunday yet that supposedly family park was closed, giving shelter to neither families nor wanderers like us but keeping that view of lush greenery and comfort of benches all to itself.

We then hopped on a careem cab and left for a cafe called Roadside Cafe. This beautiful beautiful place is almost hidden with plants and overgrown plantation in one of the busiest commercial part of the city yet those who really want to look for it, will always find it. Atiya had said it had homely vibes. Stepping there, I had nothing to argue about; it felt more than homely.

that cafe had its wall painted with famous Pakistani faces. Those faces were of artists, of philanthropists, of politicians who did more than politics and of those who gave nation what it had now. there was old furniture everywhere with small plants everywhere. it was closed at that time (SADLY) but then the good thing was that we had the WHOLE place to ourselves.
the forces behind this collaboration; a green-hair geek genius who's obsessed with palm tree leaves, a pop culture specialist who glows with desi-ness, a modern day artist who writes way too much poetry and a crazy unafraid art child.
Amna's pastel aesthetics were glowing and whilst she set the camera, I targeted the details.
this photo is giving me all the Blair Waldorf-ish vibes and i am certainly very very happy here.
this photo made my having-cute-friends-who-would-take-cute-candids-of-you dream come true thx friendsss

the last stop (which was necessary since i was dying with an empty stomach) was cafe chatterbox. i fell in love with their pasta which was heavenly. I have this habit of trying pasta whenever i go to a new cafe/restaurant/place that sells pasta and if their pasta is good, i will return and try the rest of the menu. if the pasta is crap, i might never go there on my own.

there ended a day full of art twisted with fashion and people who were willing to do anything to make dreams come true, no matter how small or insignificant they might be. A huge shout out to Amna for taking these wonderful photos and carrying that heavy DSLR of her errrrrrrrywhere *inserts muscle emojis here*

How would you describe your personal style - gothic, chic or something Kylie Jenner-ish?

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