Visual Poetry: Home

The concept of 'home' fascinates me. It used to be like another word, another concrete building, another place to stop by for people. But over time, it became a feeling. Maybe it's because I have been to so many places that are not home but I had been welcomed there like one or maybe home was never supposed to be a building made up of bricks; it was supposed to be a feeling after all.

I wrote this little piece of poetry and moulded it in a visual form to depict what I have been feeling for this very word; home 

visual poetry home green leaves tumblr aesthetics noors place blog
visual poetry home sky tumblr aesthetics noors place blog
visual poetry home green tumblr aesthetics noors place blog
' I left home for a place unknown, 
for home was already a shrine of memories long gone,
and with each dawn,
I wonder how long I have until there's a building named home again; and not just a phenomenon.'

To everyone who does or does not have a sense of home at the moment, I hope you do find it. I hope you can find it in the faces of people who stand by you, in the cheery memories that gave you euphoric feelings, and in all the things you hold dear. It's probably a building, too. But I'll take it poetically this time.
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