The Stars Collide // an artsy collaboration

I have a story to tell. Currently, I am surrounded by lush white walls of a house standing on the earth of the city I love the most or should I say I was supposed to love it anyways because that's where I was born at and belong with all my heart.  The city and I haven't been in good terms for quite a while now. It has to welcome me because a city cannot hold visitors and I have to come back because it's the damn magnificent city, possessing all the things and people I need.

a day before, it was the lucky day for the city and city-exiled; an art collaboration.
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Areeba and I were to meet Maliha for an art collab, an artist who, too, was a karachitie but living somewhere else, as far as 7 oceans away, in the US. It was my first ~artsy~ official kinda collab so the excitement and the lack of acknowledgment of what to expect were hard to handle.
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But humans are probably like paints too. When they're mixed with right shades, they do not look like an unfamiliar shade; they look alike. They feel alike. We were almost late, thanks to the magnificent city's magnificent traffic and magnificent long lines at gas stations. But the sight of a little Dunkin' Donuts where we were supposed to be half an hour ago, still gave me comfort. We went, met Maliha, ordered food, talked, ate, talked, talked, and finally started working.

I made my art journal with lots of scrapbooking and a poetry, Areeba too made an art journal but with an illustration and a lyric from Lorde's song that I suggested and Maliha did her wonder job with markers and colors to create a glorious drawing piece with all the precise shades of universe and perhaps outside of universe.

I think I can get along with people of all sorts, from any background. But I felt far more related with Maliha. Maybe it was art, of course, it was art. It was also the clink of our coffee cups, love of Instagram, life stories fitting perfectly like puzzle pieces, and Karachi. We were three artists from the same city drinking the same flavored coffee. It was supposed to be a good collab.
artists collaboration tumblr aesthetics photography artsy
Our art collab meeting lasted for as long as around 5 hours?!? I cannot believe as I type this but we talk and ate and talked so now it makes sense but I still cannot believe. Moreover, I also cannot believe how the staff of Dunkin' actually put up with three artists who talked and ate and talked and made art in between with a messy work table overflowing with art supplies and cut pieces of once-splendid magazines. I never really liked Dunkin' Donuts before, nothing personal, I just never really went there. But I have massive respect in my heart for them now that they didn't ask us to stop talking or anything. I might buy a donut and coffee from there every day. I might start LOVING coffee and donuts because of them.
my sky has turned lilac,
With my dreams written all over it,
One day it will be blue again,
When all of those dreams have become a reality; leaving it all moonlit (piece of poetry I wrote for this journal entry - lilac sky)

If people had antennas over their heads to catch signals from like-minded people, this world would have been different. But since it's not the case yet, we have to do it manually. We have to be like stars that would collide with thunder and maybe paints, so when we return to our orbits and ponder over it, maybe then we can figure out whether it was a good one or not.
In this art collaboration, I can tell you that the three stars collided and it was a great idea.

if you could collaborate with any artist in the world right now, who would you pick and why?

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