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I am 6 books away from completing my goodreads challenge (on the 34th book out of 40 for 2016 *pats on my back*) and while it has left both me and goodreads baffled, I thought it would be a good idea to make a ~bookish~ blog post because it's been a while and I miss being a books-talking - books-rocking blogger.

sometimes I wish I could get into a book to get a bit personal with the characters. I might have wanted to punch the bad ones, hug the good ones, and kill the ones who tried making it a lousy story. But in the end, I just wanna meet the characters. The book-based movies HARDLY ever do justice to characters so I wouldn't even go there. if I could write them letters instead, I would. And this is exactly what I am gonna do today

to Tracy Whitney from if tomorrow comes (by Sidney Sheldon)
hello there,
your character gave me the first-ever hope in the book-ish world how tables can turn if you do not give up. The way you turned into a clever con artist, trust me it's more inspirational than most of the self-help books for excessive $$$ out there. You rose up from the dusty and rusty pages of my aunt's vintage copy of If Tomorrow Comes like a miracle and helped me change a lot of things in my life. I owe this to you. I will always owe this to you. By the way, I have that copy to myself now. It's as rusty and dusty as it was. But I hold it dear. Thanks for existing in that one and thanks for existing, in general. You're a masterpiece of Mr. Sheldon.

to Nancy Drew (by Carolyn Keene)
hello homegurrrrl,
you have no idea how much you inspired 13 years old me. Though it got me into so many troubles back then, because I would try solving non-existent mysteries and it would always lead me into tough times like confrontation to mother about unnecessary wandering but let's just forget it ever happened ha ha ha! You still inspire me. I recently bought another of your mystery and reading it made me so nostalgic.
 To Amy Dunne from Gone Girl (by Gillian Flynn)
hey amazing-Amy,
it would be a shame if I don't tell you how your character LITERALLY empowered psychologically trapped females to some extent. I could never ever expect anything like Gone Girl's plot twist. When I was a few chapters in, all my sympathies were with your husband. But it took a dramatic turn and here we are, me writing this letter to you and you enjoying being the leader of heartbroken kids gang. All hail Amy Dunne.

to Tehmina Durrani from my feudal lord (an autobiography)
with all due respect straight from my heart that your autobiography broke; hello,
I got to read about your story in that crucial phase of my life when I was constantly questioning and learning about the role of women in my society, the Pakistani society. Your story, as heartbreaking as it is, also taught me about the importance of never leaving the battlefield until you rise as a victor. You rose as a victor for me. I know you as a woman who despite all the wrongs and rights just never gave up. I know you and that's the best thing that could happen.
 to Augustus Waters from the fault in our stars (by John Green)
yo boiiii,
so sad that I had to bid you a farewell in the form of a funeral in the book. I wouldn't say it exactly broke my heart or something but perhaps it did, I am reluctant, you see. I have to thank you for introducing me to the world of metaphors. I don't know what I would do without them now. YA readers still think you're one of the most fabulous and timeless characters from this genre; I am one of those readers. I hope they're still supplying you unlit ciggies up there, metaphorically of course.

to Death from The Book Thief (by Markus Zusak)
hello to the most bizarre character an author could ever stuff in a book; death
the idea of narrating a story from your point of you was a tricky idea of Mr. Zusak. I mean, hello you are death, the frickin' death everyone is terrified of. But in the book, you were actually pretty nice. Almost as fed up with humans as they are by the idea of your existence. Some things in life are inevitable; you're one of them. You broke my heart when you carried my favorite souls from the soil of this earth. But now I get this, it was never you, it was never anyone, it was just a line written in the fat old books of destiny. I don't blame you anymore.

If you could write a letter to a book character, who would you pick & what would you write?

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