Best Of Art Journal: Superb September

I would probably never forget the September of 2016. Or maybe I will, like all those months that were once promised to be remembered but the memory, with all its hoax promises, tend to forget it eventually. But at the moment, I am recalling September as one of the fastest, progressive, and quite sorrowful month that ended with quite a lot of valuable lessons trailing behind.

The best of September is not only about real life occurences but of art as well. My art journal almost took a transformation and all the new entries were even unfamiliar to me, in a good way though.

I am still deprieved of the joy change can bring. I want to welcome it with open arms, but somehow, it just doesn't happen easily. I have to drag myself to merrily welcome the change, and once it has occured, life doesn't seem all that chaotic. When I planned to do art journal entries in a whole new way, even the stale air around me didn't agree. Change despisers. But of course, it happened and now looking back at all the work, I couldn't be happier about it.

*drum rolls* the best of my art journal that happened in September:

dear 2016
art journal noor unnahar tumblr aesthetics polaroids notebook flatlay
2016 isn't just another year. It's a revolution. It's the year I learned the importance of learning. It's the year I found the band that's on repeat. But most importantly, it's the year I realized failures were inevitable; and so was success.
Since September is technically the countdown to the end of the year, I thought to summarize 2016. It hasn't been all that bad; it's one amazing year. A LOT of wonderful, heart breaking, terrifying things happened and each day made me realize how choosing 'progress' as the word of the year was a good idea. I owe a lot of big things to this year and even if I forget all the months and all the dates, I couldn't forget the year.
darkest place, brightest souls
art journal noor unnahar tumblr black aesthetics grunge flatlay
there are the darkest places,
with the brightest souls,
in the smallest bodies,
having the biggest goals

a poetic tribute to everyone out there who feels stuck at the place they're currently at. I hope you find a way to get out of there, find your way to the place where comfort lies, and do everything you've always wanted to.

the cost of sanity
art journal noor unnahar tumblr aesthetics flatlay
My canvas's all blank, and so is my heart,
For all my paint brushes' strands have been torn apart,
For it's easier to paint with broken brushes than with a broken mind,
Someone had to destroy something, and it couldn't be myself; in hate, quite blind 

I know anger like an old buddy. I have used it to both create and destroy things. It's not a friend but not an enemy either. But it is one powerful element and if used right, you can use the most negative energies into masterpieces.

a different aura
art journal noor unnahar tumblr aesthetics flatlay
It takes a whole lot of hard work to be original. To be what no one has been before. To own an aura no one ever had before. Perhaps my aura once looked like someone else's, now it only looks like mine.
art journal noor unnahar tumblr aesthetics bookstagram flatlay
with every person gone,
comes a memoir of phenomenon,

some happy, some sad,
some good, some bad

I have come to accept the point that you can't make people stay. And you, too, can't stay at places you're supposed to, anymore. All we leave with are memories. Written, scribbled, lived memories. It's good to cherish them instead of remembering them as a scornful disasters that they sometimes are, because it's not going to change the fact how the they're gone.

ta-da! we're already halfway through October so I am feeling mildly embarrased to make this post but a girl gotta do what she gotta do (I am unsure if it fits well here but tbh it sounded cool so here it goes). I am writing poetry again and it fills my heart with sunshine and rainbows when I finish a piece. I think I am going to remember a hella deal about 2016.

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