Unsent Texts

Texting is not one of my specialties. My friends think it's terrible, my mother doesn't mind, and my mind says I could work on it. By the end of the day, I am still one terrible texter (woah is that a legit word?!?). I could receive a message, scroll my notification bar to see it, reply it in my mind, and baaaaam! forget that it ever reached me. However, everyone has somehow coped up with the given situation and they accept my (in)sincere apologies with open arms.

Except the fact I am terrible at this game, some texts really intrigue me to compose a reply so epic, a publishing company might want to publish them in a book called 'texts from nightmares' or something cooler than this one. I couldn't send them. But I could write about them. YASSS.
- these kinda 'shaming' texts do not work on me. You're disappointing who and who and who. The only true disappointment I could ever feel is from me to me when I fail to accomplish a task exclusively mine. The rest isn't my concern. BYE FELICIA!
- duh I just had to bring tea, my love my bae, in this punny text series. I don't mind if someone openly expresses their disapproval towards me, it couldn't matter less to me *grinning*
- okay so I don't mind compliments showering me or something but coming from wrong person, instead of a staged thank you, my accurate response is this.

And of course, there's a reason why they're gonna be called unsent texts. Because I wouldn't like to start a riot with some text-ish sassiness.

*flips hair*

what are your kinds of unsent texts?

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