The Skin Screams

If someone would have told 7-year-old me that people were going to rate a person by the color of their skin, I would have started a fist fight. Flash forward to this time, I think I'm pretty helpless now. I see people discussing dark skins if they were a problem. If lighter skins were the only symbol of beauty, half of this world would be deprived of beauty. But it's not the only measure. It really shouldn't be.
I was never told how things like that could happen. My childhood is full of memories of running wildly with my friends when we played silly games, reading books, made up of old pages and new pages smell, and so many adventures that are not saved in my memory anymore but they left the aura of their occurrence. It seemed like life would always be like this, people would only worry about why I don't have good marks in certain subjects, girls of my age would only care about who got the highest grades in college. Out of all sort of problems life could offer, it offered the problem of skin colors.

I hate it when people point out 'skins'. 'You could do xyz to fair your skin color' 'Have you thought about using a product to lighten your skin color a bit?'
I see it happening all the time. In the society where my roots are, people want a fair bride for their sons, fair faces to be called beautiful, and fair skins to be cheered.
I once read a quote ( I only vaguely remember it) that said don't point out something in a person that they can't change in 10 seconds. When I talk about how having a brown/dark/not-fairly-white skin is a problem, I'm reminded how my skin is fair than those I'm talking for. My skin is fair but still brown. And if the brown skin is ever going to be discussed, I'll add my bit. I am doing it right now.

I don't care how someone looks like, whether their skins is darker or lighter than mine, or things that are beyond their control. I want to be around people who are striving hard every day to be better, who are innovative and creative, who are kind and speak the words that comfort the ears.
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Beauty is a whole another thing; not just a skin color. If you're ever going to need a reason to be bigger than someone else, find a dignified way. Do better things than them, be kinder than them, be more successful than them. If you cannot be all these things, don't point out the things you were born with yet they didn't.
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