The 1975 - a band that changed everything

I had clutched my playlist circa 2012 to myself like something too valuable; never letting it go. All the new music I heard throughout the years, I couldn't relate to it. Like, the singers from the glorious year 2012, jumping high after their puberty years, talking inappropriately about people from their past in their songs with the wildest tunes; it was hard to relate. I don't take things personally with singers, though. Most of the musicians I listen to is purely because of their music.
Then The 1975 happened to me.

They were Tumblr famous but I hardly noticed. I liked their aesthetics, though; neon lights and creative poses. Since I hadn't listened to anything from them, I never reblogged their lyrics either. But then, one day, I randomly searched them on Google out of curiosity. Or out of misery because my 2012 playlist sounded like an angry brat's squeak who wouldn't settle for better things in life. I searched them and the first song in the playlist was A Change of Heart. There was an official video too, filmed in black and white, starring a sad-looking clown and a pretty female clown, both of them dancing delicately, however, with great chemistry. I thought it was lovely. Actually, the tunes were lovely too. And the lyrics were somehow funny, but in a it-is-wonderful kinda way of funny. I replayed the song, switching to audio this time. It still sounded wonderful. At that moment, I knew new additions were permanently coming to my 2012 playlist that was probably getting a new name too.

I dug more. I listened to their album 'I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It'. The name of this album was too long and too philosophical and too lovely, in a way. The songs, however, were an eclectic mix of indie, pop, pain, sadness and Millennialism.
I stopped on a song called Somebody Else. It was the saddest song I had ever heard. Yeah, really. Perhaps their was a pain in the vocalist's voice or he just sang it that way, I thought I might cry. I replayed it so many times. Then came a song the vocalist had dedicated to his grandmother; Nana. I cried to that song. For it was about a figure in vocalist's life who gave him his part of love his mother didn't and when Nana died, he wrote the song for her.
I searched the vocalist. His name was Matty Healy. The son of famous British couple Tim Healy and Denise Welch. I searched him up and realized that one of my favorite songs, Colors by Halsey, was written about Matty. Weird, huh. I watched his interviews, cried more to Nanna and eventually to Somebody Else too (because really, it's a sad song), and made fan art about The 1975 because they hadn't only refreshed my playlist after so many years, they had made me realize how it was like to fangirl, alllll over again. Plus, I might be obsessed with Matty Healhy at the moment, umm.
Has any band or celebrity made you fangirl over them like wheeeeelppp?

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