Fusion Of Fandoms

An old proverb says your choices say a lot about your character. Flash forward to this century, I am keen on saying your fandoms say a lot about you as a whole human being or if you're a cool one, hooman bean.
I'm a fusion of fandoms and when they collided first, I never knew what to expect.

Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl blessed me with her preppy style and sass. With all the grunginess I have ever allowed in my life, it couldn't replace the prepster-ness that had become a part of me. I like neat things with lots of delicate patterns and things that glimmer of exquisiteness; in almost all aspects of life. Also, she's the fictional character who inspired my style.
Then came Matty Healy from The 1975 - a band that changed everything. I still can't understand what I took from him. He is, to be exact, out of his mind.
Talking about outlaw stuff doesn't scare him. He stutters and is always stoned with a body so tattooed it looks like a goth club poster, yet he is unapologetically himself and that's where it hits home. I learned, mainly from him thx Matty boi, that to make art, you'll have to know where your imperfections are lying and use them well to master your skills. I'm still trying and in the end, if everything fails, I'll just cry to Somebody Else that Matty Healy sang in a sorrowful voice.

Teen Wolf was one of my very first fandoms and paved my way to this world of fictional characters. I will always owe it to this show. Lydia Martin, a stunning troubled high schooler, has been my favorite from the start. She reminded me of old me. Only with a difference that she was both old me and new me whilst I was just this me, admiring her in front of a screen. She was clever and full of resources yet had a lot of troubles. She led without being a leader and people wanted her to solve their problems most of the time, except the fact that she didn't want to do it, most of the time. I learned from Lydia Martin, to accept the circumstances and work along without mourning a lot for a time long gone. I never knew it was such a treasured quality until now.
Blair Waldorf's privileges, Matty Healy's madness with his work, and Lydia Martin's courage; they are all that I have taken from my pile of fandoms yet. And this fusion of contradictions from many characters has evolved me every single day. There is more to come and I am not in a hurry. I heard a fusion of fandoms take a little time to happen, but they do happen after every while.

ps: the Pantone shade cards are purely fictitious but hey I would love shades named like that.

Are you a fusion of fandoms, too? Tell me about it
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