Deadline Chaser

I have a problem. And it has become so permanent that it doesn't feel like a problem anymore.

I am a deadline chaser, due date dedicator. I get my work done on time, umm maybe a few minutes before the deadline, which isn't a flattering habit. I am almost sick of it, but things do not work out otherwise.
I was an aspiring A Type once. Folders neatly done with tags and books lined up, like trained soldiers, to be read. Everything looked perfect, from the look of it, of course. It never worked for me.

My brain has a permanent chaos running through it and it only stops to work when the due date waves a hello; then I have to wave back. I have come to accept the fact that if it's the only way I can work, without pretending to be an A-Type person with multiple notes sticking on my planner or events extensively planned ahead for the rest of the week, I am fine with it.
I was worrying and almost sobbing to myself how my life should be a masterpiece of perfectly curated plans and events, a life where I work by the ticking of clock and nothing happens without having it mentioned in my fancyass planner. Afterall, it's in the unwritten books of my beloved preppy lifestyle. But I feel uncertain about it.

What works for me is working when I can. Chasing sunlight right before twilight to take photos in natural light, hastily scribbling down words for assignments, and finishing things off two minutes before they're due; they work for me.

So while I dream for the fancy A Type things and hopelessly buy more preppy stationery, I am profoundly ready to be myself, a deadline chaser.
What kind of person are you; deadline chaser or A Type pro?
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