Visual Storytelling

A recent research about social media enlightened me how people preferred more video content rather than long philosophical posts. It didn't strike as surprising since I, myself, would enjoy visual content more than scrolling through long paragraphs. Perhaps it's human nature or something. Yus.

Then one day, while I was shooting a video for my youtube channel, I randomly made a video of the sky to just save a serene scenery. But when I went back to edit the videos, that sky clip stood out somehow (though it was like 4 seconds long). I couldn't include it in my channel video but I wanted to do something with it. Next day, I went out to make more clips.

My original plan was to just shoot them and add some light music from an editor and start posting them. However, that social media report had me like, 'instead of writing, let's add all the words in the background of these videos'. Thus, my friends, the journey of visual storytelling started for me.

I have made a few of them so far & here are some of my favorites:

visual storytelling: change
I was attending a social event at one of my favorite places in the old city when I made this vid. It was raining that day and it felt so so good to be there. It had been a while since I attended an event like that where all of my fave faces were present. That change was really refreshing so whilst leaving the hotel, I fetched a few moments to put together a visual storytelling piece.

visual storytelling: life's what we make it
AH! This was the start of it all. I am a firm believer of DIY (do all of your shizz yourself) and it includes life, too # YAS. Nothing changes or progress if you don't want to. You can cry for days and sit in self-pity to think how messed up life is. Or you can cry and sit in self-pity and keep doing your work and think how messed up life is. Ya, same situations but here only the additional work will help. My godfather used to say 'insaan pyara nahi hota, kam pyara hota hay' (translation: a human isn't that important; his work is).

visual storytelling: 'living well is the best revenge'
'living well is the best revenge' has been one hella influential quote in my life. It's not just a phrase; it's more like a philosophy. There were a lot of timeS when I wanted to burn all the bridges I had built and go back to the cave of oblivion but the idea of keep pushing myself to live well just because I had to, for the sake of so many incomplete plans and dreams, really kept me alive. I often replay this vid 'cause, ya know, some things hit home.

visual storytelling: poetry 'YOU'
I used an old poem YOU to bring it to life with some visuals. It's one of my old faves and picking clips for it felt like adding something to the still state of words, which was surprisingly good.

Visual storytelling has certainly given me a way to make words alive. And I couldn't be happier about it.

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