Art Journal With Me - A City By The Sea

Art journaling is one of the most therapeutic activities in my life, next to listening to my mother's advice, of course. It's always a mystery picked up by my brain, revealed only on the pages of my journal. I am in love with the process involved in the completion of each page.
My art journal is now almost full. I am always asked how I do my pages, so as a tribute to the ending journal that has memories or my successful and unsuccessful artistic attempts, here's a little how-i-do-my-journaling post. There's a video at the end as well for your visual pleasure so lezzz go ahead with this:
I use magazine clipping most of the time for background or other patterns. The best thing about magazines is their diversity in all kinds of patterns. Whenever I go shopping or see someone else going to my fave fashion stores,  I make sure we can grab mags from there. They work well for all kind of journal entries. For the rest of the detailings, poster paints are bae. I find painting holds a certain feel of freedom; the smoothness of creating waves on paper is unlike anything else. Then, the basic stationery shiz including scissors, markers (both bold and sleek), glue, stapler and stuff. However, I would highly advise you to use anything and everything you can find. I have used pieces of clothes, fancy laces, paint catalogues, and a lot of similar supplies. Get creative dudes!!!!

blank journals come handy in journaling. They're easy to use in all cases. Like, if you're out of patterns, you could create them with paints or colors or just write something. Lined pages do not offer such freedom # yikes
when making an entry, it becomes 2x more interesting when you have a theme in mind. Don't go too hard if you cannot find a 'theme', just use a word or a phrase as a base to start the entry. This way, things don't go all messy or jumbled.
I named this entry 'The City By The Sea' - it's mainly a piece of poetry mixed with art journal entry, dedicated to my city Karachi, which IS located by the Arabian sea and if you ever wondered, this is exactly why I am so in love with oceans or anything that has something to do with water; it's in my blood.

I left my heart,
at the city by the sea.

Its water changing hues,
Its people doing the same,

But I left my heart at the city by the sea,
Because no matter what,
I would always be a part of it,
Like it has always been a part of me.

A city that looks like home,
A city by the sea.
If you're just a starter in art journaling world, you can check Areeba's art journaling series called #OhJournalEtc that offers weekly prompts. Or just browse around to get inspiration.
Do you keep a journal too? Is there any hobby you consider as therapeutic?
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