Unboxing // Busy Bee Stationery Box

I can't resist getting two kinds of stuff: makeup and stationery # obsession

When I got a chance to unbox Busy Bee Stationery Box, you could tell I was SO excited. It's a monthly subscription box that contains wonderful stationery items based on a theme. I got this box for July with the mosssssst wonderful theme Spark Your Creativity
This box made me pretty nostalgic too. I remember the time, crystal clear, when I used to go to my favorite stationery store downtown with my family and we'd buy essentials for schools and wrap them in brown wrappings to sort out later, all packed in bags with the store logo. The arrangement of the box was so similar; I couldn't stop the chills.
There were total 7 items in the box:
1) stamp set
2) stickers 
3) cards with envelopes 
4) Santoro London Pen
5) Scrapbooking tags
6) Themed Cards for To-Do Lists
7) Washi Tapes

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Have you ever tried a subscription box?

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