Summer Playlist 2016

Born in the glorious August of 1997, I held a responsibility towards summer. No matter how many seasons would come and go, my heart would long for it. Even when it wouldn't want to. I was raised in the scorching heats of Karachi and strolled on its beaches for half of my life, loving it and hating it. All of it still couldn't take summer out of me.
When you're born in a season, you somehow become a part of it. Although summer isn't always too friendly.
Summer is basically a lively season. It's not miserable like winter or overpainted like spring or sad like autumn. It's the time when everyone would be out, casual and kinda free spirited, summer's the season of people. I would have liked winter more. But destiny chooses what it chooses.
It chose me the time of crazy tinted sunnies, wild flower crowns, and unbearable heat.
I have a habit of making a playlist for every occasion and since sweet summer of 2016 is going on, I gathered all my current fave jams that sounded like summer or reminded me of past summers.
Die Young - Keisha (It was playing in my lil cousin's Just Dance game and the tunes were so moving I couldn't help mySelf but get it on repeat)

Jai Ho - Pussy Cat Dolls (I first listened to it back when I was just a kid and Slumdog Millionaire was about to release. I loved it so much that my aunt got it on a cassette for me. Yes a cassette!!!)

Unstoppable - Sia (It was my sister's bestie's jam that I borrowed and it's so # GIRLBOSS like, y'all)

Ribs - Lorde (this song sort of  brings a preview of future for me. It's the kind of song you'd play after years and remember what trash you used to be and now look at you, all good and well)

Last Friday Night - Katy Perry (ultimate TGIF tune! It's basically a party song but it's so summer-y and been on my playlist for longer than I can even remember)

Naturally- Selena Gomez (this was the first Gomez song I got to own and it made me fall in love with her music. It's refreshing, something that takes you to a good place; happy good place)

Paparazzi- Lady Gaga (this song was the strangest great song for me. It's such a classic that after all these years after its release, it just wouldn't get boring. Gaga's music is distinctive and artsy. Like, who would write a song for paparazzi? No one but Lady Gaga)

Lost And Found - Katie Herzig (well this song is a part of me. My life track; it's on my every playlist. Every single one. Happy, I'd play this song. Sad, I'd DEFINITELY play this song. I was so intrigued by its lyrics that I googled it and found out Herzig wrote it for a divine relation. It wasn't a romantic one; it was somehow religious. No wonder it's too relatable for me)

These songs aren't entirely new and honestly I haven't listened to any new music lately. These mildly old tracks are truly gems plus I somehow can't get them outta my head anyways haha!!! They've been a part of my favorite memories and the ones I just got to listen (like Die Young), they're the start of a cheery chapter I'd call the Best Of Summer 2016 someday. To be honest, this year has been very revolutionary. There are changes I wouldn't have liked in the past or supposed future but I do like them now. Not happily of course, but still yeah. I'm reading The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak right now and there's this line "don't go with the flow. Be the flow." That's what this summer is teaching me: be the flow.

And I'll try my best.

What are some of your favorite summer songs?

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