Redefining The Strongest

Sometimes, a lot of tragedies and huge incidents cannot make people realize about the most important lessons but some small encounters can. I went through one just today and now I am here, typing away the words I collected from those seconds and spilling them here, on this scarily white canvas, before they find their escape off my head.
Being strong is what I had always wanted to be. Not that 'I can fight 50 people with only one sword' kinda strong; my definition of strong is utterly different. For me, a strong person would be the one who could face a certain situation whilst keeping their head up and controlling their shivering hands and lips. They would speak their mind almost immediately when they feel like it, without any kind of pressure. There are a lot of traits this word 'strong' would flood in my mind, though I just stated the most important ones.
However, I learned the most important rule to be the kind of strong person I wanted to be; you had to be the weakest first.
Yikes! I know this is disturbing. How would you let anyone know you're so weak when all you dream of is to be the strongest person? Soul shattering, innit?!?

Well, it really wasn't.
I let myself be weak for the sake of knowing how does it feel to be the one who's out of power, who can't help but see everything happening with the eyes of a stranger in a very familiar place. It felt terrible; so terrible.

But I am glad. For once, I wasn't the strongest person who owns up a fight. I was the weakest person who would shed a tear or two and get away with it. I measured the words and how they affected both the victim and the victor. And I knew the next time it happens, I would know how to be the strongest person in the room. To make sure it doesn't happen to me, ever again.

When I was taking photos for this post, I picked up this book I almost resent. Out of all the reasons, it's a story of a girl who was weak. Too weak even to handle herself. The story ended and in the very end, she was still weak. It used to make me so mad to think about her story (the protagonist's name was Jess). But I picked it up to pair it with my STRONG sign. Odd things make the most interesting pairs sometimes.

What does being strong mean to you?

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