Recent Design Work: The Cat & The Cactus

The last blog design I worked on was such a fun project. Involving cactuses, lots of greens and black, I mean, how couldn't it be fun?!? Team cactis 5eva. Stephanie from The Cat & The Cactus blog wanted to have a clean, minimal, and photo-focused design and that's how we worked together for her blog design. Hashtag yas.
I am a huge fan of cactuses and my own is called Derek Hale (see him here). In case you didn't know; it's the name of my Teen Wolf crush. When I first read Stephanie's blog name, I was like "oooooh yes that's gonna be a fun one"

The idea for this blog design was very simple: keep everything minimal. And this is exactly what happened.
When a blog is going to be very photos focused, a cluttered or full blog design can be a big distraction. That's when the all-black-on-white theme comes very handy with a thick statement font, just to highlight a certain part and boom! the rest of the content would get more attention other than the layout.

// mood board //
This is how a cactus-centered, B&W, minimal blog design was made. Wink.

// brand board //
You can see it live on The Cat & The Cactus Blog

If you'd like to work with me for a blog design, check the portfolio + get started 
*throwing confetti*

Describe your blog design & what's your favorite thing about it? (If you don't have a blog, what kind of blogs do you usually read?)

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