Mirror Mirror On The Wall

One of my all time favorite princesses story is Snow White. Out of all the reasons, the mirror part would always get me. How cool it would be to have a talking mirror that's apparently magical, errr terribly magical. However, it didn't make its owner happy. And it stuck in my mind; mirrors are not friendly.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?
I peek at my mirror at 10 AM and see a struggling body who's not yet ready to let go of some sleep. But at 1 PM, I see a person in my mirror that's rushing here and there and looks like a mess. Around 5 PM, the figure in the mirror is tired and at the end of the day, the reflection I see is a person who didn't let the day go wasted and radiates accomplishments. I see a paradox. I see what I wouldn't always approve. I see me.
I want to change its reflections sometimes. A few strikes and it will break into pieces. But of course, it's just an ordinary tool that's pretty useful and not at all something to be dragged in a slightly or madly philosophical post. Yet still, here I am, talking like it's an enemy or a friend or something that controls itself.
It looked like mirrors had a mind of their own. But no, it was never about a mirror, it was about my own perspective that twisted the things and blamed the mirror. "It doesn't reflect the eyeshadow right" or "It makes your nose look bigger, silly mirror." Mirrors aren't silly; people, oh they probably are.

My mirror would tell me lots of things every day. It's placed on my room's wall and that's the first things on my way outside so, you see, I gotta hear what buddy has to say. But I am at peace with him now. Not very happily, but yes, at peace to some extent.

Mirrors and your own thoughts are going to speak a lot. And it's not going to be something you want to hear or see. But do it. Do it and speak back. You can't change a reflection. But you can accept it and love it.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

"The one who didn't hate the reflection."

# positivity. We fight the battles outside and inside and those that only exist for us. Appreciate your own reflections every day, budds. It's the only thing one truly owns.
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