Eid Style Kinda Vlog

After the hiatus of Eid week, here I am!
Ramadan went by so fast, I could hardly believe it was finished already. Though it brought Eid celebrations along so it was easy to cope up with.

The best part about Eid? DRESSING UP Y'ALL!!!!
I would always take an unreasonably long amount of time to get ready because this is the only time no one would mind cos Eid and you don't get scolded on this day. Hashtag hurrah. 
My dress was a gift from family with such bright colors it nearly blinded me. Not that I am some sort of pastels' person but in past few months, my wardrobe was pacing towards more mute colors. But it was super cool anyways.

happy preppy junk!

footwear: kolhapuri sandals 
The rest of the details are in the vlog:
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How did your Eid go? If you didn't celebrate, what's your favorite celebration?

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