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I remember the time when my words didn't make any sense. I would write them down on the back of my notebook just to laugh at them and bury that page somewhere I wouldn't be able to find again. It was a long time ago. I like to decorate them in fancy notebooks and journals now.
My art journal's nearly full & I was freaking out. So I went ahead and ordered a new one. Hashtag I can't live without stationery. When my order arrived, except for the necessary squealing and thankful sighs, I swiftly wrote an entry down with a pencil to officially start it. Ofc it was another jumble of words but there are more things I penned down.
Entry # 1
All the sad things are either written about people or deaths or wars or heartbreaks. My kind of sad starts with an unfinished poem and ends on a pile of tear-stained crumbled papers. Maybe there's a reason why there isn't much sad stuff written about those who write; perhaps their pens cannot depict their own miseries — Out Of A Writer's Misery

Entry # 2
I figured out there were only two types of people in the world. Group Nothing and Group Something. Group Nothing's life consisted of so many nothings; saying nothing, doing nothing remarkable, just breathing till the last breath came. But Group Something were the world shakers; they were always doing something, saying something that made a difference, proving all of us that to belong to Group Something, you'd have to be restless and hard working.

And since then, I question myself everyday; where do I belong? — Group Something VS Group Nothing
Entry # 3
I could never wrap my head around the idea of love. For some, it was a person, a cheery memory, a reason to move forward. But for some, it was a distant memory, a drought, a long forgotten incident. I asked my mother how should I know what love truly is; and she told me:
Love will never be a person. It will be the respect in your eyes and care in your heart. It will also be the worry in your mind and pain in your head. It will come in all your passions, sounds of the laughter of your friends and glimmer of all the things you care about. Don't cage it around the idea of a person; this is the only way it would hurt — The Idea Of Love

3 down, 3248254 more to come (yassss!). I post all the new entries on Instagram too so be sure follow me there tooooooooOooooooooOooooo

Do you keep a journal?
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