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Growing up, the only thing I remember being told was to be a kind person. Socially, religiously, typically. Be kind.

I can say I tried my least. Childhood does come with a great joy of no responsibilities and that's what I suppose saved me from not doing what I was supposed to. But fast forward to all these years, this is still the only thing on my mind; be kind.

It's probably a very small thing. To be kind to others and, to some extent, to yourself.

What is kindness specifically? It's patting a little child when they do something good, it's watering a plant placed remotely from a water source, it's anything and everything if you know how exactly to proceed it.

Religiously, when Ramadan arrives, kindness seems to be everywhere. It's a holy month of Muslim calendar when muslims fast each day for a month long. Out of all the blessings this month brings, kindness is the list topper. I've seen people who hated each other come forward to forgive and forget. I've seen women donating their priceless dresses and possessions to those in need. I've seen kindness in the most unlikely places in Ramadan.

Do you know what's the best part about kindness? It's free.

Ramadan and kindness go along well. I am lucky to be a part of a campaign that combines them both and gives back to society and people in need. It's #TweetAMeal from @TelenorPakistan

The concept of this campaign  #TweetAMeal stands on engaging the online community with Tweet A Meal to bring about good from instinctive behaviors of our digital savvy community. The instinctive behavior of sharing pictures of their meals. The fact that whenever we head out to eat and take photos of our food and share them, so why not share them for a good cause.

Everytime you tweet a photo of your meal with this hashtag #TweetAMeal, Telenor PK will donate a meal to those who need it.

I have been documenting my sehris, iftaris, and other meals. It's time we all do it together. Let's be a part of this campaign that's only bringing free kindness in our world.

Have you tweeted a meal yet?
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