The Evolutionists

The first day of Ramadan is gone. I'm too stuffed with all the scrumptious food and while my head says go to sleep, my brain has different plans. I'm wide awake. And I slowly paced towards my laptop to do something.
Few days ago, I posted this entry from my writing journal on Instagram.

"I'm from a generation that's always planning. Older generations call us delusional city kids who grew up among concrete skyscrapers and dream higher than those buildings only to see them collapse one day. They think we're drunk on the sad tunes of noisy boy bands and don't know about real music. They think we're sleepless in front of gleaming gadget screens giving us false hopes of a corrupted future. But little do they know that when the sleepless city kids rise with their skyscrapers of dreams, there would be no trace of old monuments anymore to celebrate."

It created a lot of noise in my head. It was a small excerpt from the jumble of my writing journal's pages. But what it made me realize was both terrifying and relieving. This generation VS the old one; where do we go from here?

All my life, I have seen the arguments between kids and adults where kids are usually 99% at loss because:
1) arguing is unethical
2) elders know better

While I would never want to go against what elders have to say, there are certain points where the kids are utterly misunderstood in the name of "the new generation is delusional". And no, I don't want to support it.

What delusional means here is that a paint brush is capable of turning into a career. Where a notebook filled with scribbled words is capable of a best seller book. Where a series of failed DIYs are capable of becoming the next big thing. It does not end on career choices; it goes a long way from this point.

I'm sure the generation preceding mine has seen the world better than my own eyes. The tricks they know must be 100x better than what we know. Experiences they have must be better than what we would make.


There's one thing called evolution. And I am a firm believer of it.

How plain it would be if everything stops and never evolves. If nothing ever changes and people never try something new to see whether there were good things or bad things or things that could make a difference?

My generation is evolution.
And while evolution is not accepted easily; it doesn't mean it's not necessary.
I hope to see the decision makers coming along with evolution - my generation to keep the balance of old and new traditions. Hopeless dreaming it might be, but I'm a part of the evolution and that's what we do.
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