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IN SUMMERS WE READ SHELDON MASTERPIECES!!! *hoping you would read it in Mean Girl's Karen Smith's voice*

Long ago on a summer afternoon, I borrowed an old copy of If Tomorrow Comes written by Sidney Sheldon off my aunt's bookshelf. It was a dusty vintage book with a missing the front cover. I couldn't judge it (you see, no cover) so I started reading it anyways. It marked the start of my love for Sidney Sheldon's masterpieces aka books.
I re-read it every summer now. If Tomorrow Comes is one of those books whose words crawl under my skin. And I wouldn't wonder if my skin ever tears open and what spills out with blood are the words from this book; we have a connection.

I have this copy to myself now. Copy that started it all. I would have come across Sidney Sheldon anyways as political and crime thrillers are my main jams, but starting from this book left a different kind of impact.
"She was going to make them pay. Every one of them. She had no idea how. But she knew she was going to get revenge. Tomorrow, she thought. If tomorrow comes. - one of my favorite book-ish quotes ever

Khair, this post isn't only about If Tomorrow Comes. This summer, I am going to read alllll the Sheldon books that I haven't read before. His total books are around 20 & I have read half of them.

Today I am so excited to share what I've been reading from the Sheldon list:


Out of all the books I have read from Sheldon, all of them have a fierce female protagonist. This one didn't. It's a story about a psychoanalyst Judd Stevens who's suddenly caught in a web of murders. Someone kills his patient, then his secretary and eventually tries to kill Judd as well. Judd is determined not to be killed and also not to be framed by the false accusations he's being trapped into.

This book was fast paced. My heart skipped a beat at so many points. A brilliant mix of insanity, its healers, and mafia. It wasn't a long dragged story that was the best part.

Ratings: 5/5 (omg go read it)

Writing about families and generations seemed to be one of Sheldon's specialties. How a family based conglomerate is formed and run; he knows it all too well.

Master Of The Game starts from a boy from the oblivion of Scotland's highlands. He comes to South Africa in search of diamonds where he has to face unfortunate circumstances yet he still builds his empire from scratch and pure hatred. What started from diamond mines goes a long way to generations who are both built and destroyed by the increasing size of their conglomerate Kruger-Brent Ltd.

I loved & hated this book. Loved because it was BRILLIANT. Hated because it seemed to be too dragged down. But I blame my short attention span sooooo

Ratings: 4.95/5 (brilliant and captivating)

This book had two female protagonists who worked side by side. Are You Afraid of the Dark? is based on a political issue and how things work in the tall skyscrapers of sensitive departments of any important company.

This story revolves around the murders of brilliant scientists who have been working on a top secret project involving environmental issues. After their murder investigation starts, their families are in danger due to the suspicion of knowing something about that project. Two mourning wives are then collided whilst trying to solve their husbands' murder and fate bring them together so they can save their own lives too; together.

This book is fantastic. Unputdownable. There were so many twists and adventures that made my heart skip a beat or two. SRSLY.

My ratings: 4.5/5 (ah-mazing)

This book has that typical Sheldon female protagonist who owns the world. It's the story of Lara Cameron who come from a broken family in Nova Scotia. Her early life is spent miserably without parents' affection but it all leads to a firm determination of building something. She chooses real estate as her focus and soon dominates the area of business that's typically reserved for males.

I didn't really like this book. It was very detailed in the start, but after every chapter in, I found everything was happening in a quick blur. The story leading to the end was tense, but the end wasn't as surprising as I expected. Though the whole plot is RLLY interesting.

My ratings: 3.5/5

*I made all the graphics. Their elements, however, are taken from Google images. Thx internet, you're a cutie.

What have you been reading? Is there any Sheldon book you absolutely love?
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