Poetry // A Thousand Times Over

Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner left an impact on me. I had accidentally "discovered" the plot twist whilst doing some research on Google that was annoying me. Though it didn't matter when I drowned myself in the story; it was a great read. A quote from it "For you, a thousand time over." became my ultimate favorite. It's on my inspiration wall too because:

1) I love it
2) It's for my mother

I suppose everyone has a main source of inspiration when it comes down to writing. For me, it's always my mother, Amma Jaan. So today when I sat down to write something, I merged two of my dearest things in a single poem - this quote & my mother.
As I walked towards the stage,
The applauds grew louder,
I heard the chanting of my name,
And recognizing it became harder.

The fruit of my success awaited ahead,
A 4 minutes speech,
They expected me to boast about stuff,
Without any screech.

I walked on the stage,
And talked about my mother,
How she brought me up,
With each lesson different from the other.

My 4 minutes finished,
And people grew panicky,
A woman grabbed me by arm,
To ask if I was just being wacky.

I missed my 4 minutes of fame,
To talk about a nobody?
A nobody so nobody,
Even oblivion, for her, will feel broody.

I calmly told her,
"I only talked about my success,
It happens to start from my mother.
And if I had a thousand more speeches coming,
For her, a thousand times over."
This poem is like 10000000% inspired by Khaled Hosseini's quote and since this quote is for my mother, it's mainly based on her. The scene I depicted is future. I am sure someday I would have to give the speech about my success and then, just then, I would tell everyone how I became the person I am today. My mother raised, helped, and guided me this way. The right way to the success (well I could also write a book of this title yikes!).

Who's you biggest inspiration in life? How do/did they influence you?

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