A Fictional Character Inspired My Style

There's something so magnificent about owning a signature style. It's like a piece of you so recognizable that whenever or wherever it's exhibited, everyone would know where it belongs; to you.
I guess it takes a whole lot time before one figures out what they really what to pick as a signature style since I had been struggling to have mine sorted. Then came to the rescue, my favorite fictional character: Blair Waldorf
It's really not a secret how I'm obsessed with this Gossip Girl character. With so many get over it and you need a new fandom, I'm still there. Not stuck, just deliberately clinging to a character of a show that ended before my high school did. What makes Blair a timeless character for me are the similarities between us; goal diggers, never stopping, feeling sorry without self-esteem crisis and yada yada yada. Blair would always look composed; never overdressed or poorly put-together outfit. Even when there was no time for putting together an outfit, she would just get it right.
I thought I could do the same. It's a lot like Karachi meets New York because there's no such thing as a Pakistani dress in Gossip Girl nor traditional Pakistani fashion approves of Queen B's attire. But we had to make it work somewhere; it happened anyways. With vibes of Blair, statement pieces, irregular shades, and some personalization, I'm slowly moving to my signature style.
So when I dress, I know I can't overdo it. Blair-ness meets minimalism and they both meet traditions and thus it becomes an outfit for me. Always preppy but never crappy. I'm sure Blair Waldorf would approve.

Has a fictional character inspired your style in some ways?

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