Recent Design Work: Paper Macaron Blog

I am about to share the most exciting blog design project I just finished.


Zoe from Paper Macaron blog (previously Zoe Jade blog) has been an old blog friend. I remember reading about her experiences of studying in France & I always had lots of questions for her to get a better view of studying abroad. When she came to have her blog designed, I was super excited.

1) blog fwaaaand
2) a person with beautiful vision
3) lots of Paris & pink involved
Zoe wanted something simple with muted colors that were graceful and not too eye-catchy. There was a room to include an illustration of a macaron so I decided to add one. A cutie patootie macaron.

The best part about doing this design? Zoe's ideas. She knew exactly what she wanted (she drew everything; whole blog layout on a paper to have it visualized better. She's a true type A) that made things 100x easier. When we were about to start the design, my exams rolled in. YIKES! But we wored out the schdeule and started after 15 days of my exams.
Here's the moodboard for this design. According to Zoe, it reminded her of La Maison Rose in Paris. When I searched the location, she wasn't wrong. (you should totally google it)

A hand-drawn macaron, water color inspired theme, lots of muted pink shades, and some crazy coding brought this design to life. I learned one thing whilst doing this project: there's nothing better than adding things off the paper to the digital world. It all started with a macaron. And I am not stopping with it. I am adding an option to have illustrations (non-portrait) incorporated in new designs so the custom design can be more aesthetically pleasing #yasss

To see the blog design live, check out Paper Macaron blog.

// I am taking new designs. If your blog needs a new design or a fresh face-lift, check out my portfolio & services. Let's work together to make something beautiful.

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