The Rise Of The Writer

I might have a problem.
Ugh @ writer's block. Or more accurately, ugh 2x @ writer's confusion towards their work.

I had no idea what I was going to write after I returned from the hiatus of exams. I did a vlog but of course, it was quite different than writing something (I love to speak anyways). My pens were getting drier each time I start writing something and left it mid-sentence, my laptop protested when I sat isolated without its charger until it shut off. Things were becoming messier at my side of the world.

It's such a painful moment, actually paralyzing, to not being able to do what you want to do. I despise this feeling when I know I am unable to write or type a post or even compose a short tweet. Ugh moments 10x.

But, there's a way to end it and I just learned about it. To be able to do something perfectly, you have to do it anyways. You have to scribble down ugly words until they're brighter as diamonds, you have to take the risk of being wrong until you can manage to set it the right way. You gotta pull it off to see how bad it is and how it can get fixed.

I wrote this shortest poem before leaving for my 4 minutes of sky and it nearly solved all of my current problems.

"Another day is passing by,
And I have scribbled down some words,

They might be of little significance  for others,
Albeit for me; they are my swords."

*I have no idea what my words would mean to someone else, but they're my anchor. I need to keep writing to see where it leads. Morale of the story. Ta-da!

To everyone, I hope you do what you're inclined to do. Finish that painting even if it's looking hideous. Finish that poem even if it doesn't rhyme. Take that photo even if the composition bad. Put on that dress even if it looks larger than it really is. Give things a try before placing them in front the eyes of the world; place them before your own eyes and judge. Judge judge judge until you can either discard it completely or find a way to make it better.
Don't abandon it.

I guess my writer's block is over so I am going to get myself a cup of tea, a good scroll of some social media apps that probably don't even need a check on and then continue the Sidney Sheldon mystery I'm currently reading. Phew!

How do your work out your writer's block or any confusion in general? Spill dem secret.

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