Forgiveness Is The Key

 I remember a lot of things from my childhood. Forgiveness isn't one of them.
I used to be a very hyper-angry-brat kind of child. And took pride in it. Now whilst I type it, it's not a thing of pride of anymore. But it did back then.
What is forgiveness for you? Forgiving people who said bad words to you or letting go of those who weren't kind? Is that all forgiveness is about? I might have more things to add.

Forgiveness is peace. It's the contentedness that there's absolutely no one in the world out there to disturb the peace of mind for you; even those who tried.

Forgiveness is smiling past the stormy events that shook your grounds but couldn't budge your steps.

Forgiveness is what human beings are made of. Yes, but there aren't really many humans out there. REAL.

I have already said, I wasn't a forgiving child. Eye for an eye. Kick for a kick. Culture, customs, or anything; they didn't forbid it. Forgiveness had conditions, but of course, they weren't clear enough for a kid to understand. For me to understand. Genes genes genes: mine lacked it.
I remember Amma Jaan, my mother, kept telling me how wrong it was to shout back. I told her the other person shouted first and I couldn't keep myself. She said I could forgive that person. I told her it would take my sleep away if I didn't shout back louder than the person who shouted first. And eventually, my mother had said something like, "I hope you'll learn the power of forgiveness someday."

It took longer than Amma Jaan might have expected. I didn't learn forgiveness until I realized I needed it, too.

It's easy to shout back, kick back, curse back. But it's indeed harder to let it go. For these little vile acts would never stop and shouts would become shrieks, kicks will become guns, and cursing will become court hearings someday. Just because someone didn't forgive.

I wonder if my mother's statement was actually a prayer that reached the heavens and I became a person with forgiveness in their dictionary. Unless I have no other idea how it could ever be possible for me to not opt for a shout back.

I am still learning. Because some situations don't call for forgiveness. But I am sure it would make its room wherever possible. Sometimes my lungs hurt for that good old shout but something stops it inside. It's not necessary. But one day or another, it might be. I hope to be forgiving on that day.

If I could tell you, in a nutshell, about the biggest lesson I learned on the way to be a better and progressive person: forgiveness is the key.
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