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2 days already in April, this year has had the fastest flow evurrrr. As time is flowing by, I am making the most of my word of the year "progress" to walk out of 2016 with a shield that would say "she didn't procrastinate at all".
Today, I am sharing all the art journal entries I did in the past month. Whenever I start a new page, there's a background story to fill in, which is fun to reminisce later. Let's dive in!!!!
Meet this perfect petite thing I call my art journal. I got it from Made By Fatima. Still oOohing over her perfect henna patterns. As I flip through the pages, here's what I have:
Fandoms circa 2013. I had to rip apart some of my most treasured, teenage-self fave pop culture magazines for this entry, which made me super nostalgic yet excited at the same time. I no longer read through their stories (cos, old) but I have kept them for so long that makes it harder to just cut through and ta-da!
Featuring the basic pop music idols & young Jenners, I still listen to their songs and follow Kylie & Kendall everywhere on social media. They remind me of high school & stupid cat fights & the careless days that won't ever return. The glory of old days.
It's an entry for #ohjournaletc (Areeba & Hawwa's art journaling project)'s prompt What's In My He(art)? // my heart is so full and sometimes I get overwhelmed while listing everything my heart hold dearly.

Me: Heart, what's in?
Heart: *lists 2785432565 things*
Me: nevermind

I did manage a list anyways.

My mother, Amma Jaan has got to be the first and most important part of my he(art). Then comes my phone cos yes, I would be lying for real if I don't add it in every things-I-can't-live-without type of lists. Then there are my friends (hi morons), books and things like that.
This entry was purely inspired by my Tumblr dashboard. How I text (left) & a quote about kindness (right).
Here come my phone-y struggles. You can also read it as "phony" if you want because that's what they probably are. I got my first phone when I turned 18 and after like 7 months, I still don't get & like what GSM has to offer. But since it's a necessity and I can't live without iPhone's camera, I would pass it. But two of those phone-y struggles include Low Battery signs & Missed Calls alerts. SRSLY! I abhor plugging my phone in for charging. It would mean I can't use it for endless scrolling of Twitter or peeking on Snapchats and I hate this fact. And when it comes to missed calls, they are alright as long as they're not from important contacts (aka Amma Jaan or bestie). Unless, it might be a problem.
I am in love with a song that's called Only Time, sang by Enya, which reminds me of long drives at the shore, the most beautiful things in life and road trips. Yes, it is as euphoric and serene as it sounds. I have been listening to it on repeat these days, so I visualized it on my art journal, too.
These lyrics who can say where the road goes? where the day flows? are pure magic.

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What have you been creating/loving these days?
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