Fandom talk: Teen Wolf

Some tv shows get inside your brain and your heart and rule them like they own them. It is the same when it comes to Teen Wolf, my first ever fandom that taught me how it works.
I started watching it out of nowhere when my aunt brought DVDs of this show and we all gathered in the evening to have a peek at this show. WE WATCHED SEASON 1 IN TWO DAYS.
Of course, we didn't stop and one by one, all of the available seasons were finished in a whirlwind. I felt a sudden connection with the characters: we all were doing our best and it usually messed up. But it didn't stop them like it didn't stop me. And they eventually figured it out. So did I.

The plot of this show is that a teenager is bitten by a mysterious creature that turns out to be a werewolf. As mythical and unreal as it sounds, the teenager Scott Mc'Call freaks out but soon he finds people who understand these things, accompanied by his best friend who's one of the very few humans on the show. Their town is called Beacon Hills that is apparently filled with lots of supernaturals, waiting to be found. This show has a lot of humor, supernaturalness, and good-looking characters.

There have been 5 seasons already and as their unwritten ritual, the starting seasons were amazing but the proceeding ones turned out to be quite a trash. Not that I have to bash them, but they broke my heart by taking out my favorite characters after certain seasons and reducing the cast and replacing them with the new one *screaming inside* so it seems like quite a responsibility to talk about it. Season 6 is coming soon and I am wondering which character they're gonna kill/take out/make invisible to add others.
(a digital art collage I made purely for my favorite characters' appreciation)

What made me a big fan (who's absolutely delusional when it comes to talking about the characters in real life) was the rawness of the characters and their strong bond of friendship. They were imperfect, silly, and had no idea what they were doing. But they wouldn't stop even when they were met with the forces beyond their control and strength.

Derek Hale (played by Tyler Hoechlin) who's not on the show anymore or at least for the time being, has been one of my favorite fictional characters of all the time. Okay, he's my biggest celebrity crush too so yeah, you probably get the picture.

In my world of fandoms, it's all about what it makes me feel & it's always more than fun to binge watch Teen Wolf or surfing on YouTube for its bloopers or edits. It has got to be the bae of my fandoms' world. It's too unreal but it doesn't feel like it.

What's your favorite tv show of allllllll the time? Do you watch Teen Wolf, too?

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