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On 23rd April, a fine Saturday, a bunch of the coolest Instagrammers and I set off for the Instameet Thatta that was themed in contrast with Earth Day. I was hosting this trip with Areeba and Farman, we had been planning this trip from March and it finally fell into place.

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you might have seen the updates already. It was a road trip from Karachi to the historical city of Thatta, a place so stunning and super close to my heart, where we were going to observe the natural beauty of Keenjhar Lake whose history goes back to 300 years in the ancient times of the glorious state of Sindh. We also went to the necropolis of Makli in the spare time. Now I'll let the photos talk (and they're pretty rad tbh):

The temperature was nearly 38C when we reached Keenjhar Lake. I was worried about the roughness of weather, but thankfully, it all went well. Only we had to keep drinking glass after glass of water to stay hydrated.
We took a boat ride to the grave of Noori Jam Tamachi who was the wife of an ancient Sindhi rule Jam Tamachi. Her grave is in the middle of the lake. It appears to be a mystery why it was built there. The local guides couldn't tell about it so I assumed it was probably a way of giving her the eternal peace in the very middle of soothing waves. Her story is also one of the most famous folk stories in Sindhi history. I remember reading about it back in 9th grade, but it vanished away from my memory, never to return. There was another grave right next to Noori's, a fairly famous saint named Shah Hundro.

Thatta has a very rich history. The more you dig, the more mysterious it becomes. Back in time, it was the capital of nearly every ruling emperor. Thousands of saints resided here. It's nothing but a skeleton of glorious old days now. But the past cannot be removed and seems like it would always keep this city going with the glow it once held brightly.

Keenjher is such a beauty. The water at its shore isn't as good as in the middle. It was almost turquoise, glittering with the sun rays, making me want to stay there for hours.
The mandatory #FromWhereIStand shot
Returning back, I did a quick doodle, hosted the introductions + distributed the goodies that I had wrapped in ribbons and packed with a to-do task, then wandered around the lake to do what we were supposed to do; observing. The lake was alive with the hustle and bustle of people and I was glad to be there, doing nothing, just seeing.
#WWIM13Thatta SQUAD [photo by Farman Shams]

What's happening in this photo: a bunch of Instagrammers trying their best to form a cool-looking human beings' arrow whilst trying not to tumble by the pebbles underneath the water.

We left Keenjhar by midday to have lunch at one of the busy dhaaba hotels on the national highway. There was still some time left, so everyone voted for visiting Makli Graveyard. We went there on a previous Instameet, too. It's such a gorgeous location. Though badly hit by the cruelness of time, its symmetrical patterns are sort of alive on the walls of this necropolis.
Areeba, Jadirah, and I - blog gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlssss *drum rolls*

CANDID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maham is taking Areeba's photo and I'm taking Maham + Areeba's photo and Jadirah took this photo of us taking photos of each other

It was a day full of adventures, loud waves of laughter, and overly-bright sun. I am soooooo glad Instagram exists and how it helped all of us travel/photography/socializing enthusiasts to gather, do something together, and just not tap words behind our phone screens.

For more photos, you can search #InstameetThatta& #WWIM13Thatta.

Have you ever been to an Instameet?

My exams are starting in two days so I'm going on a two weeks blog break. It's the final exam of college and I'll be a graduate after that. Keep me in your prayers pls as I get ready for the battlefield. Wink.

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