4 Minutes For The Sky

I was feeling uninspired after a whole hectic week of wedding shenanigans in the family and a come back to blog seemed utterly hopeless. Writers' block was waving at me and all I wanted to do was creeping back to my bed and sleep for a year or two. Anxiety kicked in, everything I tried doing seemed gray and not worthy.

Such moments would always make me want to vanish from the surface of the earth.

I started thinking about inspirations, why I started, why I had to do something. It didn't help, but I could divert my thoughts into something other than pounding over how miserable it was to not being able to do what you want to. I went outside for a stroll to busy myself. Sun was setting and the whole sky was gleaming with colors and leftovers of trails of clouds. I remembered watching a video where people were asked to stare at each other for 4 minutes. And the result was incredibly beautiful. I hadn't tried that, so I did it for the sky then. I kept on staring it.
The clouds were weaved in a cotton candy like manner. Their shades were changing as the lights escaped and darkness started taking over the sky. Sun seemed like an old friend who would have a hard time leaving after meeting for so long. I realized I hadn't looked at it this way before. I strolled outside every day, with a phone in my hand and thousands of thoughts clouding my head or earphones plugged in my ears, playing a repeated symphony. 4 minutes for the sky were too much to spare.

Sun eventually went back to where it was destined to be, brightening up someone else's day at the other side of the world. I walked back, thinking of all the possible words I could write for those 4 minutes that dragged me out of my melancholy. I'm putting them in small black letters on my screen right now.
With every sunset, 
a new hope is born, 
an old expectation dies

Give your 4 minutes, wholeheartedly, to something. A book, a person, a sky or anything!!!!! It will change a thing or two for you too.
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