What's on my Inspiration Wall?

An Inspiration Wall has always been a part of all my artventures. The good thing about an inspiration wall is that you can always add new things to match your mood and determine the aesthetics of current projects. 
Well, if I was really inspired by the current situation of my ongoing projects, the wall would have been black with accounting sums, geography's graphs, and statistics' pie charts. But as it's not the case, I am so pumped to share the new additions on my wall.
I love a pop of colors and whites (actually, a tonne of white would be more appropriate) with hints of calligraphy. 
I have added these small inspiration bits to keep me motivated. Yass. Like, Work hard, Do it, Today is your day kinda stuff, which basically means, "don't be afraid of course books, my child." The black dotted passage was inspired by Design Love Fest's target paperware line, simply because I am OBSESSED with it. I mean, how can one even resist little black dots anyways? Above it, some swatches of paints and glitters cos I run on them (almost).
What would Blair Waldorf Do? print was an essential, of course. None of my art stuff gets completed without this phrase. Right above it - a snapshot of Karachi's beach with the line "city crush since forever". Forever and ever. If you have noticed the small pink print, it says "I'm Noor Unnahar. Your argument is invalid." Pure Chuck Bass sass. Hashtag Gossip Girl.
Victory is Contagious is my favorite lyrics and means a lot to me. That's why it had to be on the top. With it, Gossip Girl's famous Non-Judging Breakfast Club badge is placed. If you're familiar with it, 10 points to your house. Right beside it, it's Derek Hale's pack sign. I am a HUGE Teen Wolf fan and Hales were my favorite in the show (Derek, being the celebrity crush and errrrything). In the show, it was tattooed on Derek's back and a sign of his wolf pack. Since I couldn't do the tattoo, I thought "lezzzzzzzz place it on my wall".
"For you, a thousand times over." It's from Khaled Hosseini's book The Kite Runner. I adore this quote so much. Not in a romantic way. But in the most respected way. It reminds me of my mother. For her, A MILLION TIMES OVER.
The rest of the wall element aren't too random:

I made two Pantone-like swatches because GOSH their swatches are so cool, but I couldn't find them around for myself. 

The cards Love / Xoxo / Follow your heart / You're loved - they are from Kercia Jane. She sent them a while ago with a bunch of other cards. They're so lovely (literally!). 

After Karachi, Istanbul is a place so close to my heart, so there it is. 

I painted some leaves with glitter and when they dried, all I wanted to do was add them on my wall.

If I could sum up my wall in a few words, it's a treasury of inspiration, quotes, wanderlust, colors, and fandom. It's everything I like, do, or aspire to do. Hurrah hurrah hurrah!!!

Do you have an inspiration wall, too? If not, could you imagine how yours could be like?

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