The Coolest Earphones in Town // Brainwavz BLU-200

I am a self-proclaimed earphones hoarder. 

Thanks to Brainwavz, who sent me their latest BLU-200* to review, I have just added a new gem to my collection. These earphones are like the hippiest cool kid in town. I'll tell you why. 
BTW, it's my third set of earphones from Brainwavz. They've become my new favorite brand to go to for all audio solutions. Their S0 Earphones & Omega Earphones were equally fab.

The parcel had arrived a few days before, but I was outside of the city so I picked it up late. Little did I know what awaited ahead. (Note: Probably should stop being dramatic)
BLU-200 are blue-tooth earphones, which means no hassle of long wire connected to phone anymore. Pair them with your phone and voila
I plugged them in my ears & switched them on with the remote button. A tiny voice in my ears said, "Power On". YES! THEY'RE SMART EARPHONES. I scrolled through my music library, picked a song, and placed the phone in the room to rush outside. "Gosh, it's working, it's working." I kept saying whilst I walked freely without being glued to my phone for the sake of music.

Rechargeable, with up to 4 hours of battery life and 2 hours of charging time, they are such a stealer. I had never tried blue tooth earphones before so I was super excited to know all the specs and give them a go.
As I have mentioned before, Brainwavz guys are pretty generous when it comes to accessories. These earphones came with a compact case and extra ear buds. The charging cord and manual were a necessity so I won't count them as accessories.
There are three buttons on the controller to turn the earphones on/off, play music/calls, and change the song to previous or the next one. I really like this feature as the normal earphones I had been using wouldn't go back to previous songs. 
I have been loving these earphones. They're so convenient. I can place my phone within a range of 30ft (10m) and move around freely without running into something cos of the wire.

The sound quality is ah-mazing. Total noise blocking (bye bye outside noise of usual gossip) is BLU-200's speciality and I am thinking of all the possible places I would want to take them. Probably everywhere, especially when I'm outside.
I am absolutely in love with these beauties. They cost around $55 (you can get them either on their site or Amazon) that's a bit too much for earphones. But their quality and innovative style would make up for it. I have some friends in mind who I could gift these earphones (yes buds, you're getting lucky) so yes, I highly recommend this set of earphones.

Have you tried bluetooth earphones?

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