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I am super pumped to show two of the most recent blog designs I did in the past month. Both designs were based on a blue-ish tone and I ended up wondering if that was going to be my signature style for a while. Custom designs are mainly based on the choice of blogger so color schemes and other elements come from someone else, but it affects the opinion of the designer, too.

Do you remember Tia's design from A Cup of Tia blog? She, with her best friend, started another blog and I had the opportunity to design it as well.

Fresh colors, the elegance of gold, and pretty fonts; this is how I can describe this design best. How fun it must be to blog with your best friend. I am sure if I ever start a blog with my bestie, we will literally be talking about it 24/7. Though I am sure my bestie is highly uninterested in blogging, but I can always try to drag her into this battlefield. Wink.

The other one is for Stephanie from The Little Mechanic's Wife. We have worked on several blog designs in the past. She is suffering from severe eyes illness and doesn't post often now. But it has been a pleasure to know her and work along.
I brought back glitter in my designs via Stephanie's blog. It had been a while since I used it, soooo I was so excited to incorporate it in *salsa emoji* It had been an easy design as I already knew Stephanie's choices well and she trusted me, too. Grinning.

Blog designing is a lot like art journaling or an art of some sort. You are given thousands of hues to choose from, in the form of Photoshop's color palette, and even larger work space with many brushes, patterns, and tools that can create a number of art pieces beyond imagination. I adore it so much.

If you need a new blog design, be sure to check my services & portfolio. I have spaces available for this month so jump on the bandwagon, will you? If you want to share the love, just pin them on Pinterest.

How does your ideal blog design look like?
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