Poetry is Magic

Yesterday was World's Poetry Day. Good old 21st March.
Poetry is something too close to my heart. I love reading it, and sometimes, I write my own poetry too. My favorite kind of poetry is the one when the words rhyme. Their rhymings make me feel alive. Like different crooked pieces coming together into a perfect puzzle. Words dazzle me. And poetry is the finest form of words. Arranged.
When I saw Areeba's post on Poetry Day, I knew I had to write one on my blog as well. I'm a day late, but hey, better late than never, right!?!?!? Wink.

I have read a lot. In my childhood, my mother would buy us all kinds of books but she never really insisted on making us read typical poems or anything typical. Her idea of a perfect reader was to be as spontaneous as possible in our reading choices, so she let us decide what we would read. We picked nothing but kids' stories. And that was okay. It's still okay that I sneak Naunehal, one of my most favorite Pakistani kids magazines, in my reading basket. Amma Jaan must be so proud.

Growing up, I didn't like the typical romantic and we-will-die-together kind of poetry that was highly idolized around. It's alright, I know, for everyone has different choices. It didn't bother me. But it didn't appeal me to any kind of poetry either.

But it all changed on the internet.
I came across a number of poets/poetesses on the internet who wrote pure magic in forms of rhyming words. One of them was Erin Hanson. She became our sudden favorite (by that I mean, Areeba and I's). With each poem, I could tell her words moved me. They had tons of energy that they made me pick up the pen and scribble words that I could later call poetry. My poetry.
// A four-lined poem from Erin Hanson's book //
The book in my hands is Erin Hansons (OFC) but (another OFC!) I was posing. Though the poem on that page was one of my favorites.
I kept reading more artists like her. And more artists that were not like her. So I could know how it all worked. How words danced, sometimes in rhythm, sometimes out of rhythm, to make a masterpiece from different views. I can't stop reading now. I can't stop writing now. The magic of poetry got me infected, but I don't want a way out.

Whilst reading Poetry Day's articles, I came across this article from Independent. It's about 28 of poetry's most powerful lines ever written. If you're a poetry enthusiastic, make sure to have a read.
From my own work, I adore the poem You & Goodbye so much. You is a rhyming one yet Goodbye doesn't rhyme. The art journal pages above are the ones next to the Name Page, which basically means I was anxious to write them down as soon as I got my new journal.


You are what you choose to be,

No matter if it's good or bad,

'Cause in the end, it's only you,

To lead a life happy or sad.


With every goodbye,

A new hello,

Was waiting for me,

From the best things in life.

"If you cannot be a poet, be the poem." - David Carradine

Are you a poetry enthusiastic too? What's your favorite line/poem? I would love to read it.
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