My (Errryday) Social Media Struggles

I'm sure I've used almost all the sensible social media platforms that exist or existed on the internet. The thing about social media platforms is that there is always something happening there. If my part of the world is quiet, the activities would be going on in another part of the world. So even if I wake up in the middle of the night, I'm sure I'd be able to find some cool tweets from people in different countries. Social media is such a babe. From great visuals, networking ideas, communities, and all-around-the-world interactions, it's an absolute winner.

But when it comes to the usage of social media, there are some certain rules that I seem to be following blindly (oh and they're pretty self-made as well). I don't mind as long as they work for me, but the only troubling fact is that they've become sort of a daily struggle. Errrr!!!
Twitter and Instagram are my two favorites social media channels. I'm always swept off my feet by the brilliant photos by fellow instagrammers and you can never beat the punny & funny tweets in Twitter-land. If you had asked me about my favorite social media in 2013, I would have said: "oh eeeeeeeetsss the Facebook". But it's not the Facebook anymore. It's not going to be Facebook anyhow.

The first and most-spoken problem related to social media is the lack of ingenuity. Everyone seems to be talking about the plastic-ness of people using Instagram or Facebook to show off their perfect life. As far as I am concerned, I don't mind seeing the happy bits of a person's life, no matter what else they might be facing in their life. If all they are sharing is the perfectness, whiteness, and fabulousness of their ultra-cool life, let it be. We all know that our lives come with their own bundles of problems and it's okay if some of us are sharing the good things, not the "gosh I am totally failing XYZ subject, what is life *insert a miserable emojis here*"

But some struggles are fictitious than that. I belong to that group. Cough cough.

What should I tweet about? Of course, it's a huge problem. What to tweet? I love tweeting. I love Twitter chats. I love interacting there. But, there's also a BUT before every clever or witty or normal tweet I post.
1) Is it offensive? 2) Does it sound appropriate? 3) If my future employer run a check on my social media and decide to disqualify me on the basis of some tweets? What should I doOoOo?

Will I ever be able to sign up for LinkedInn? I love LinkedInn. It looks like the kind of online platform where all the CEOs would have a nice chat with each other. I am absolutely aware it's not the case, but I like to imagine it that way. I am just worried if I never get my life together to qualify for a pro-ish LinkedInn profile, it will make me so sad. Roll-in-bed-to-weep kind of sad.

Is this Instagrammable? Every day when I wake up, one of the gazillions things on my mind is what to Instagram today? If you love Instagram and roaming around with your phone's camera opened, you might want to high five with me right now. COS THAT'S A REAL STRUGGLE FOR INSTAGRAMMERS.
So if (thankfully) you've come up with something to Instagram today, another problem arises: "Is this Instagrammable?"
My criteria of photos are simple: they should be cool-looking, white-ish and colorful with a good focus and creativity. Most of my Instagram photos are of my art journal or calligraphy. But still. it's not an easy task to choose them from my camera roll's 4,000 photos (that I tried deleting into 2,000s but it never happened).
Purposeful Snapchat: Snapchat is such a babe. You could put anything, blurry or perfect shots, and no one would mind. In fact, I mind all those perfectly symmetrical snaps. Aren't these for Instagram? Even in the chaos of what to Snapchat, the only solution I have come up with is to have a little purpose behind every snap. But, how much of a purpose could I add to a photo that's gonna last only 3 seconds on others' phone screens? You see, the struggle is very real.

Non-Political Facebook: 13 years old me, wouldn't have any trouble sharing all the random stuff on Facebook. But 18 years old me, is wiser than that.
Every share, every photo, every comment on Facebook seems to be a problem for other people. It's the kind of online platform where families hang out. And families like to have arguments. Over anything and everything. You never know what happen in next seconds. I like to call it an unpredictable platform, where you better login, scroll, log out and stay out of the Facebook-ness.

It's pretty much everything I could fit into struggles. Other than that, social media is so fun. I love finding new and creative accounts to follow and stay in touch with the latest happenings around the globe. It's one of the best ways to stay connected with the outside world (especially on days when all you wanna do is to stay hidden in bed for hours).

What are some of your social media struggles? If one of them is sticking to your Instagram theme, I already wanna console you.

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