Fandom Talk: Blair Waldorf

I take my fandoms very seriously. Very, very seriously.
When this word fandom comes in sight, the first name that pops into my mind is Blair Waldorf. She's one of the main characters of the show Gossip Girl and has been the show stealer from the very start (played by gorgeous Leighton Meester). Her character is highly self-absorbed, a total brat, and the typical mean girl. Behind almost every conspiracy, it would have been Blair who planted it or executed it in some way. But those (baaaad) traits weren't everything about her. She's one of the most influencing, determined, and impeccable characters I have ever come across. One loyal friend who would move NewYork to rescue her friends, the best plan-maker, and a fabulous fashionista with a flawless sense of sarcasm. She's pure goodness and evilness wrapped in a Chanel packaging. Oh and not to forget her partner Chuck Bass, they made the best on-screen pair, TBH! #Chair forever.

This fandom has got to be the most natural thing that could ever occur to me. When I first watched Gossip Girl, I thought she was sooooooo mean. But as I progressed in the show, I realized she spoke the truth in its true way: bitter. Yeah, I know I'm talking about a fictional character, but if you can't feel it, how are you still looking up this word fandom?

But there's one more thing. Ta-da, let's flash back into my pre-teen, pre-high-school years and we'll meet a Pakistani version of Blair Waldorf there. That's me.
I wasn't a mean person, it was sort of a high school thing to prove yourself over others, in one way or another. Looking back now, it seems like the automatic sour effect of adolescent transition and high school trauma that caused the superiority disorder. I could have done better, though. But at the same time, I learned how to be a better person and why it was important, bit by bit, through those experiences. When I watched Blair Waldorf, a lot of similarities ran in front of me and that sudden connection was enough to create the bond of fandom that later molded into BLAIR WALDORF IS BAE kinda feelings. In fact, she is my spirit animal.

I made this digital art collage that includes some of my most favorite scenes and dialogues. Bae-lair, can you not?
Of course, my art journal has this whole page dedicated to my BW fandom. Not to mention its cover has my life mantra What Would Blair Waldorf Do? written boldly across it.

I can list a lot of things about what this fandom taught me. The most important ones are:

1) You'll always need your friends by your side, Not in a clingy way, but in the we-will-all-go-together kind of way.

2) You have to prove you're worth something before you can get it. Even if you are super privileged, there will always be something to chase after & if you're willing, it CAN be yours.

3) Meanness will give you an upper hand. But it comes with a price and that price is the pain. Lots and lots of it.

4) You can't make people love you, but you can make them fear you. An actual Blair quote.

5) A shopping spree can fix a lot of things, Like, a heart or something?

6) For getting into the best college, one has to study for real.

7) Your minions will leave when you're dethroned. Don't trust them enough to get hurt.

8) Love is found in the strangest of places. And people. And hearts.

9) You have to have more than average sass and sarcasm to rule the conversations.

10) The faster you fix & move on from your mistakes and failures, the better. If you keep it for others to see and takl about, boom you're doomed!

I chose Blair Waldorf for her dedication to the things and people that mattered in her life. She would do anything to accomplish her plans and execute them in her favor. DASSS SO ME. And I couldn't be more glad about my fandom pick.

What's your top fave fandom? Did it teach you something?

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