Emojis That Describe Me Well

If emojis were a language, I would be fluent in it.
In fact, I do consider it as a language. I could list it on how many languages do you know option on sign up pages. Like Sir, I know Urdu, English and a third one too. You probably see it all the time. The glorious language of emojis. Ta-da! Shall we proceed further?
I may or may not judge people for the ways they use emojis. Well, I definitely do that. You can't use angel-halo face emoji in a compliment. DAS NOT HOW IT IS DONE, BUDDY.
So today, I am sharing all emojis that describe me well and have been saving me in conversations since....it's been too long I can't estimate now.

We all have the basic favorites like the face with heart-shaped eyes, laughing with tears of joy emoji, and the grinning face emoji. They are so universally used that you can't un-use them now. They're everywhere, for every occasion. Seriously.

When Apple announced the release of 300 new emojis, I was jumping with joy and assuming they would finally grace us with more meaningful and expressive emoji sets. What we got was: a bunch of skin-color oriented duplicates of existing emojis with a minor addition of new ones.
Well played, Apple. I am sure those tech guys are going to use this "gosh we got new emojis" trick on selling more iPhone in future. Until then, the current listings of emojis are out there to use and (difficultly) relate with.
Face with tears of joy: It has to be my most favorite emoji to use. I just checked my phone and saw the recent emojis. It's probably on number 3 or 4, only because I had to use some non-face emojis for an Instagram comment. Nothing personal against it. Nope.
It's such an expressive emoji. If I find something too funny to put into words, I will just type this and the other person has to assume how funny it was. Like, I could die of laughter. Here are three emojis with excessive laughing and tears-of-joy face.
Mostly used for: funny videos, tweets, statuses

Cherry Blossom: Gosh! I absolutely love this emoji. It's so pretty and chic. When I have to state something in a lovely way OR I have to add more adoration in a sentence, there I'll use this one. It has a pretty pale pink color that makes it an ultimate winner, no doubt.
Mostly used for: commenting on others' Instagram photos + replying to messages/tweets/comments

Sparkling Heart: It shows I am really in love with the thing I am stating it for. In the most unromantic way, of course. This emoji has such diva-ish vibe related to it that I can't ignore it. Sparkles and pinks, you know.
Mostly used for: commenting on others' Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Snapchat photos

Grinning Face: When I have some doubts but I want to say some certain things anyways without being peculiar or a straight-up moron, I use this emoji. Except for that, I use it for fun. It looks cute and mischevious. So it goes in these two ways very successfully.
Mostly used for: writing tweets

Balloon: This emoji is super adorable. It reminds me of kids in parks, holding balloons innocently and minding their own business. Well, that's not the exact reason why I love it (I might really like dwelling on this reason, though). I feel it reflects creativeness and colors. It's only a balloon, I know. But still, it's a cute balloon. I also use it whenever I write something about my hair color. There are some more options for red color, but I despise settling for a plain red heart emoji. This one works well.
Mostly used for: writing social media bios + writing cute stuff

Side Tounge face: When I have to emphasize the fact that I am really being cute, this emoji works like magic. It's not horrible-looking like the other tongue-out emojis and looks good. I mean, side tongue is a thing now.
Mostly used for: conversation with family

Yellow Heart: I use it to show gratitude. It's a heart of pure color. Yellow color reminds me of peace and serenity. When I first used this emoji, I decided it was going to be used for replying/stating all the sugar, spice and everything nice type of stuff.
Mostly used for: replying comments on Instagram

Painting nails: I use it for two entirely different purpose:
(1) Finalizing plans with my friends
(2) Being stubborn brat
It has I'm a fashionista vibes. I love pink nail paints. Though I wish they would add more colors. No one wears pink nail paint every day. Especially when they have added 24143 skin-toned emojis, it could totally happen.
Mostly used for: conversation with best friend

Other than these, I absolutely adore unicorn, sparkles, party popper, and hands up in air emoji. 

Emojis have become something to cheer up a plain old sentence. As everything is revolutionizing, why not the piece of texts that we send out in the big wide web every day? They're one of the coolest things that happened to the internet.

What are your favorite emojis? How do they describe you?

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